Exercise and Sport Studies (EXSS)

Major: Kinesiology

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology

Total Credit Hours: 120

About the program: The EXSS concentration is designed for students who have special interests and goals that are not best served by any of the other undergraduate concentrations in the School of Kinesiology. Typically, the faculty will not recommend this concentration to students during the freshman or sophomore years as specialty interests rarely develop during that time.  Akin to a “build your own degree” program found at smaller, more expensive colleges and universities, EXSS allows maximum flexibility for the student and his/her advisor to plan a program that caters to specific career aspirations. Other student populations who may benefit include:

  1. Students who change their major to Kinesiology after completing numerous credit hours in other degree programs.
  2. Kinesiology students who transfer to Tarleton from colleges/universities with programs that are not similarly scoped.
  3. Students with unique scheduling challenges.

The high degree of FLEXIBILITY means that there is an equally high level of RESPONSIBILITY that must be assumed if the student is to achieve his/her desired outcomes. It is critical that students in the EXSS concentration have regular meetings with their advisors.

Coursework: Please see attached PDF for degree plan. 

Degree Completion Options: Masters in Kinesiology