What are Professional Development Points?

“PD Points”

All undergraduate Kinesiology majors are required to obtain professional development credentials to support their career goals and provide a foundation for the creation of their professional portfolio and resume. Points can be earned in different categories with a maximum of 5 points per category.

What are the categories of PD Points?

Memberships, Certifications, Leadership, Research, Service, and Fitness

How many PD Points are required?

Students must complete a total of 15 Professional Development Points.

KINESIOLOGY majors must be complete by the time they finish KINE 4305 (course requirement)

SPORT MANAGEMENT majors must be complete by the time they finish KINE 4395 (course requirement)

Where do I submit my PD Points?

PD Point information and opportunities are shared in the Canvas Community: Kinesiology Professional Development Points. Students will upload their points to the Canvas Page under the Assignments link while verifying completion. (See Instructions for Uploading PD Points)

How do I earn PD Points?

Opportunities to earn points might include activities around Tarleton’s home campus in Stephenville. For students not in Stephenville, please see contact mentors on your campus(FW or Rellis) Opportunities will be posted on the Canvas Community as they arise. However, PD Points can be earned anywhere. (See Pre-Approved List)

How do I know how many PD Points I have?

In the grades tab on Canvas, you will see a percentage under your points that have been scored. 20% = 1 point. 40% = 2 PD Points. 60% = 3 PD Points.

Still have questions?

Contact the PD Point Coordinator Mr. Rick Henry at [email protected] or by phone at 254. 968.5420.