Coaching, Athletic Administration, & Recreation (CAAR)

Major: Kinesiology

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science

Total Credit Hours: 120

About the program: The CAAR concentration is designed for students who seek careers in a variety of sport-related professions including the following.

Coaching/Teaching(K-12) – Students who wish to pursue a career in K-12 coaching are advised to pursue the PETE concentration which focuses on preparation for the State of Texas Teacher Certification Exams.

Coaching – Some students choose to focus their career aspirations on coaching opportunities that exist outside the K-12 school systems. Examples include college, professional and elite level sports as well as the emerging market of youth club/select, adult masters-level and Paralympic sports. Additionally, this concentration serves students who will ultimately enroll in “alternative” teacher certification programs after graduation and enter the K-12 school systems.

Athletic Administration – There’s more to competitive sports than just coaching. There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes. Sport organizations employ professionals in facilities management, sport supervision, league governance, ticketing and event operations, media relations, scouting and analytics, broadcasting, professional officiating, and other specialty fields that benefit from a broad contextual knowledge about the sport industry. See also B.S. in Sport Managment, a seperate degree program.

Recreation Administration – Technology, population demographics, and millennial values are just some of the driving forces behind this growing profession. The challenges of managing facilities and programming for organizations, such as the YMCA, Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs, municipal parks & recreation departments, country clubs, amusement/theme parks, church recreation centers, corporate recreation centers, [college] campus recreation centers, national and state parks and summer camps (just to name a few) require leaders who are familiar with the respective professional guidelines and standards. See also B.S. in Sport Management, a separate degree program.

All students in this program are required to complete a Kinesiology internship as a culminating experience. Students, with the guidance of the faculty, conceptualize and plan their own internship experiences based on their individual interests and aspirations. Internships require a significant amount of advanced planning and communication, often occur outside the local community (sometimes outside the state or nation), and must be approved in advance by the faculty. Many students conclude that the internship is among the most impactful and rewarding of college experiences.

Coursework: Please see attached PDF for degree plan. 

Degree Completion Options: Masters in Kinesiology, coaching (college, professional, youth club, paralympic), facility management, media relations, officiating, recreation (YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, college campus recreation, national parks)