Applying Online for Your Professional Standard Certification

The following requirements must be verified before a student can be recommended for certification.

  • Verification from department of completion of all program requirements, including completion of all coursework on certificate plan;
  • Successful in passing all TExES tests required;
  • Valid Texas teaching certificate;
  • Required degree for certificate is conferred; and
  • Two (2) years of classroom teaching verified by a signed teacher service record for Counselor, Reading Specialist, and Principal. Three (3) years of classroom teaching is required for Educational Diagnosticians admitted after 9/1/18.

Instructions for applying for your standard certificate for Counselor, Educational Diagnostician, Reading Specialist, Principal, or Superintendent.

  1. Go to the TEA Website and click on “TEAL Login” at the top. Log in and click on “View My Educator Certification Account.”
  2. Once you have updated your profile information as necessary, choose “Applications” on the left-hand side menu. Then choose “Standard Certificate Texas Program.”
  3. A series of questions will be asked. Please answer the questions honestly. If you have any questions on how to answer, please contact TEA at 512-936-8400.
  4. On the application, it will ask for Recommending Entity. If you do not select the correct entity, we will not be able to process your application. Please choose “Tarleton State University (University Based).”
  5. At the end of the application, you will be asked to pay for your certificate.
  6. If Counselor, Reading Specialist, or Principal, you may need to submit a signed copy of your teacher service record showing at least two (2) years of classroom teaching if your program coordinator does not have it from your application. Educational Diagnosticians admitted after 9/1/18 must submit a service record showing three (3) years of classroom teaching. Your program coordinator will contact you if a service record or other documents are needed.
 If you have any questions concerning the application, please contact TEA at 512-936-8400. You can also reach them by email by going to their Contact Educator Certification webpage.