Why Tour Campuses?

There are many reasons to tour college campuses! Here are a few reasons to consider:

See For Yourself

The best way to discover if a school is a good fit for you is to feel it out for yourself. Not every school is fit for every person so touring a college campus can help you see for yourself if a school is your fit! Take note of your preferences on what you want your environment to be like when you go to college and see how the campuses you tour fit into your preferences. Your preferences might include dorm size, dining options, class sizes, specific majors, athletics, specific student organizations, and more.

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Meet Current Students

Tour guides at Tarleton are student workers. This means you are not only getting a detailed tour of campus and learning all about Tarleton as a school but you also have access to an expert on the student experience. This allows you to ask questions about all things college AND you get answers from the perspective of someone close to the same age as you who has been in your shoes recently!

Meet Future Students

Most tours will consist of more than just you and your family. This means you have the opportunity to meet others on your tour who are also interested in the school you’re touring. If you both enjoy your tour and end up in the same college, that’s a friendship that you created before stepping onto campus for your first day of classes!

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Learn more about degree programs and more

Throughout the year, Tarleton provides special tours, called preview days, that are specific to future students’ degree plans. These tours allow you to meet your future professors, tour our campus/labs/facilities, and talk with current students and see what it’s like to study in your field!

For your Parents

Don’t JUST go on tours to make your parents happy – there are so many more reasons to go on a campus tour than this. But understand that leaving for school is a big deal and your parents may feel uneasy about sending you off to school all on your own. So take them on your tour to show them where you’re considering going and let them ask their questions so they can relax. Have a good time sharing this experience together!

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