How to Pay for College Out of State

Have you dreamed of attending a college out of state? Maybe you want to live near the coast, or you want to experience a different culture. Or maybe you just want to be a Tarleton Texan! As a former out of state student I am here to tell you that you most certainly can attend Tarleton from another state and afford it! 

Okay, but how? Out of state tuition is crazy expensive! 

You are right, it can be. BUT Tarleton and other universities have resources that can help you pay for college and follow your dream of attending a school out of state. Here’s how: 

  1. Scholarships that may qualify you for a tuition waiver

At Tarleton, if you are awarded at least a $1,000 competitive scholarship, you could qualify for in state tuition!

Plus, Tarleton has a scholarship guarantee for freshman and transfer students. Check to see if you qualify for our Guaranteed Scholarship Program here! 

There are a limited amount of tuition waivers granted so if you are a senior and are wanting to attend out of state, we recommend talking with our scholarship office to talk about your options! 

If you are an athlete, you could also be granted a waiver! 

Remember, attending out of state may be cheaper because of tuition waivers and lower cost of living! 

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  1. Financial Aid 

You have probably heard this before, but there are many forms of financial aid that could help you pay for college. At Tarleton, 85% of students earn some sort of financial aid. Read this blog we have on the different forms of financial aid to help pay for college. As a student, I had no idea of all the options that were outside of the pell grant. 

  1. External Scholarships 

We talked about Tarleton’s guaranteed scholarship program, but that is not the only avenue to earn scholarships! Tarleton has a General Scholarship Application, an External Search Scholarship Portal, and there may be scholarships that you qualify for that are local to you! For me, I earned scholarships from my county 4-H club, local businesses, and from the sports I was involved in that helped me pay for college at Tarleton. Be sure to check them all out, you never know what you may qualify for! 

  1. Choose an affordable university 

I know you may have your mind set on a certain college experience, and I encourage you to follow that dream! I also encourage you to weigh your options and look into universities that are affordable. Tarleton State is one of the most affordable colleges in Texas. Check out our net price calculator here! You want to compare your choices and look at tuition, fees, and room and board for all the schools you are considering. 

  1. If you have a 529 plan, look into having it transferred to Texas. 

This will not be for everyone, but if you do have a 529 college savings plan, it may be able to be transferred to whatever state you are looking to attend college in. For more information visit here.

All in all, don’t cut your dreams short just because you think you could never afford college out of state. It is a big leap of faith, but it is so worth it! Our Financial aid team is available to talk you through your options with you! Connect with an advisor here. 

Not sure about Tarleton, chat with an Admission Counselor and learn the ins and outs about being a Texan! 

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