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Mission Statement

Student Resources and Basic Needs, including the Purple Pantry, is transforming generations by empowering students to meet their basic needs in order to increase retention and help more Texans graduate with excellence and career-ready skills.


The Department of Student Resources and Basic Needs will collaborate to empower and support students facing obstacles across all of our campuses. Obstacles might include issues with rent, transportation, food, academic materials, etc. We value holistic goodness, retention, and graduation, especially from underrepresented populations, such as first-generation students. We will regularly assess and measure our progress, and celebrate student successes. Our end goal is to provide students with a thriving learning environment in which they can graduate and have opportunities that will provide them with economic mobility and security.


If you would like to donate to the Student Resources and Basic Needs Gift Fund, please click on the link below.  Your funds will be used to empower students moving forward by assisting with their needs today. If you have physical donations you would like to bring to the Purple Pantry, please drop them off in Suite 212 of the Student Center, Monday-Friday 8-5.

food pantry

Food Resources

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nonacademic materials

Non-Academic Resources

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