Inclement Weather – Campus Closure

Inclement weather usually refers to severe or harsh weather that is cold and wet. Should weather or other conditions occur such that normal campus operations could be impeded, information will be provided to the appropriate local broadcast media, no later than 6:45 a.m. 

  1. Radio and Television
  2. Posted on Tarleton’s Website
  3. Via email to Faculty, Staff and Students and via Code Purple
  4. Via the Tarleton Control Center 254-968-9265
  5. Code Purple via text message

For inclement weather conditions during normal working hours, the decision will be announced through regular administrative channels in addition to the five media noted above.

Faculty, staff, and students should assume normal operation of the University if media outlets make no announcements of campus closings or delays. Employees and students should use good judgment about driving to and from the campus when traveling conditions are hazardous.

Current Weather

Tornado Watch (Same for all campus locations)

Tornadoes are possible in and near your area. Watch area is typically large, covering numerous counties.

  1. Be sure all persons know actions to take if the situation changes to a tornado warning or a tornado funnel is sighted.
  2. Be sure that no physical restrictions exist that would prevent movement to the nearest safe area. (Locked doors, blocked aisles, etc.)
  3. If in a frame or sheet metal building and conditions permit, move to a brick or stone building for added protection.
  4. Department personnel should monitor the radio or watch the sky/weather for deteriorating conditions.

Tornado Warning

Tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar. The following campus locations have different warning systems based upon the city in which they are located. The information and resource links below provide necessary guidance to prepare for severe weather at each campus location.

The City of Stephenville Emergency Siren will be activated if a tornado is verified, on the ground within 10 miles of the Stephenville Campus by one of the following sources:  Stephenville PD or UPD, Erath County SO, Texas Highway Patrol Personnel, or authorized storm spotter.

Seek shelter immediately. Move to basement or first floor of multi-story buildings or to the shelter areas in the buildings listed below. Because of possible power failures, avoid using elevators. Avoid glassed-in areas. Inner hallways are normally safe. If unable to move to a building shelter, move to the lowest or most depressed ground area available. Remain sheltered until radio stations announce that severe weather conditions no longer exist or the all clear emergency siren signal sounds.

Stephenville Public Shelter Designations

The Kinesiology Building, Dick Smith Library and the Thompson Student Center are designated as safe areas for the general public during emergencies. Alternative Safe Areas include the Ballrooms and Hallway on the Southside of the Ballrooms.

Stephenville Shelter Areas in Buildings

Shelter areas will not be marked. Department supervisors will brief each employee in the work place regarding where they should go.

Administration, Bldg. 534 – First floor hall areas in the east and west wings away from exterior doors and windows. Rooms 114 Vault Area, 132C, 133, 133A, 135B, and 135H

Administration Annex, Bldg. 510 – Rooms 105 and 105G. If time permits, move to the Math Building, 509. Refer to the Math Bldg. shelter areas.

Administration Annex ll, Bldg. 532 – Women’s Restroom & Room 107B, interior hallway away from doors and windows

Agriculture, Bldg. 508 – Rooms 102, 104, 106, 107, 108, 111, 111C, 113

Ag Wood Shop, Bldg. 982 – Move to the restrooms.

Ag Field Machinery Shop, Bldg. 984 – Move to interior hallway, if time permits move to Meats Lab.

Applied Science/Engineering, Bldg. – Move to interior hallway and restrooms and move away from windows.

Physical Facilities Administration, Bldg. 671 – All interior windowless rooms and restrooms. If time permits, move to the Physical Plant, Building 518.

Barry B. Thompson Student Center, Bldg. 689 – Lower level (basement)

Bender Hall, Bldg. 536 – First floor central hall area away from exterior doors and windows

Business, Bldg. 687 – Interior classrooms, restrooms and west hallway

Cecil Ballow Baseball Complex – Ag Mechanics restrooms and interior hallway

Centennial Hall, 960 – Move to lower level hallways away from windows and/or move to restrooms

Central Plant, Bldg. 690 – Move to rooms 102, 103, 104 and/or 107

Central Receiving Warehouse, Bldg. 685 – Central hall area away from exterior doors and windows. Also, rooms 104, 105, 106A, and J-1

Child Development Center, Bldg. 530 – Move to first floor interior restrooms.

Dining Hall, Bldg. 961 – Move to the interior Stairwell on North side. If time permits, move to Thompson Student Center. Refer to Thompson Student Center shelter area Information.

J. Howell, Bldg. 513 – Rooms 105, 105F, 105H, 105K, 106, 108, and central hallways. Also Restrooms & Stairwells can be utilized.

Engineering Technology, Bldg. 501 – First floor hallways away from exterior windows and doors; Rooms 100, 100H, 102,108, 110, and restrooms

Farm Machine Lab, Bldg. 673 – Room 102 (classroom) , restrooms, hallway outside of restrooms, or central hall area of Horticulture Lab

Ferguson Hall, Bldg. 663 – Move to 2nd floor interior building

Fine Arts Complex, Bldg. 506 – First floor central hallway away from exterior windows and doors between Choir Room (107), and Band Room(119), Theater (104), and Rooms 101, 103, 106, 108, 110, 112, 114, 115, 116, 118, 120, 122, 124. Also use Rooms 170, 171, 172, 174, 175, 177, 178, 179, 180, 184.

Heritage Hall, Bldg. 964 – Move to lower level hallways away from windows and/or move to restrooms.

Honors Hall, Bldg. 646 – Move to the restrooms. If time permits move to 1st floor hallway doors and/or shut interior hallway doors and/or move to Health & Physical Education Building.

Horse Lab, Bldg. 722 – Move to the restrooms.

Horse Management Training Facility, Bldg. 714 – Move to concession stand, restrooms or tack room.

Horticulture Lab, Bldg. 725 – Central hall area in front of restrooms. Also, Room 103, classroom and the janitor closets, and restrooms

Hunewell Annex, Bldg. 531 – First floor central hallways away from exterior doors and windows

Hunewell Hall, Bldg. 529 – First floor central hallway areas away from exterior doors

Hydrology/Engineering, Bldg. 688 – Rooms 103, 104, 105, 113, 114, and 114A, 115, 124, 124A-B, 128, Elevator Lobby and first floor hallway away from exits and windows

Integrity, Bldg. 970 – Move to lower level hallways, away from windows and/or move to restrooms.

Kinesiology, Bldg. 648 – Basement area, hallway areas away from exterior doors

Legends Hall, Bldg. 962 – Move to the restrooms.

Legacy Hall, Bldg. 963 – Move to the restrooms.

Library, Bldg. 656 – All the lower elevation (basement) area except the northeast corner glass storefront entry door and window area. All first floor areas behind the circulation desk away from exterior windows; restrooms and enclosed stairwells

Math, Bldg. 509 – Rooms 13A Corridor, 101A Corridor, 101H, 101J, 102 Corridor, 106 Corridor, 111 Corridor, 142A Corridor, 142B, 142C, Restrooms, and first floor hallway away from exterior doors

Meat Lab & Abattoir, Bldg. 717 – First floor central hallway. Rooms 108, 109, 111, 112, 120 and restrooms

Memorial Stadium and Lonn Reisman Athletic Center – Move away from windows and into interior hallways and restrooms. If time permits, move to Wisdom Gym.

New Engineering Bdg. 993– Move to lowest level classrooms and restrooms away from windows. Take cover under desks.

Nursing, Bldg. 981 – Move to any 1st floor interior windowless classrooms and restrooms.

A. Grant Bldg. 511 – Rooms 103, 114, 117, 118, and first floor hall areas away from exterior doors

P.E. Field Facility, Bldg. 551 – First floor central hall areas away from exterior doors and windows. Also rooms 105, 106, 107, 116A and public restrooms

Peanut Research Lab, Bldg. 679 – Room 103

Physical Plant, Bldg. 518 – First floor central hall area; Rooms 109 and 111

Plant and Animal Science Bldg. – Move away from windows to interior hallways and restrooms.

Residence, Bldg. 640 (Farm) – First floor central bath area. If time permits, move to the Meat Lab, Bldg. 717 (Farm)

Science Bldg. 919 – Interior rooms on first floor, first floor restrooms and first floor hallways away from exterior windows and doors.

Southwest Dairy Center, Bldg. 980 – Move to the restrooms or other windowless rooms.

Sports Recreation Building, Bldg. 967 – Lower level Locker Rooms 118, 119, 111, 110C.

Swine Farrowing and Gestation, Bldgs. 718 and 719 – Move to the Meat Lab, Building 717. Refer to Meats Lab shelter areas.

Tarleton Center, Bldg. 533 – The basement area of the building away from open stairwell.

Teaching Pavilion, Bldg. 716 – Rooms 103A and 103B

Texan Village Apartments, Bldgs. 952, 953, 954, 955, 959 – Move to the restrooms.

Traditions North, Bldg. 971 – Move to the restrooms. If time permits move to 1st Floor Hallway doors, shut interior hallway doors.

Traditions South, Bldg. 972 – Move to the restrooms. If time permits move to 1st Floor Hallway, shut interior hallway doors.

Trogdon House, Bldg. 521 – Move to the restrooms.

Welcome Center, Bldg. 664 – Move to the restrooms.

View information

Fort Worth Campus Shelter Locations

Medical Laboratory Sciences (Shaeffer Bldg.) – Restrooms and interior hallway

Chisholm Trail Campus – Lower level floor restrooms & interior hallways away from glass

View information on pages 14-15 of McLennan Community College’s “Emergency Operations Field Guide” and from City of Waco.

View information from Navarro College and City of Midlothian.

 Questions concerning these emergency procedures should be directed to the Office of Risk Management, Extension 0598.