Ranger to Tarleton

Ranger to Tarleton Pathway

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Ranger to Tarleton Pathway

The Ranger to Tarleton Pathway (RTP) program offers conditional admission to Tarleton State University and concurrent enrollment to a select group of students at Ranger College (Stephenville) who intend to complete their degrees at Tarleton.

Students may take degree-related courses at Tarleton while taking general education courses at Ranger College in Stephenville. After completion of two or more long semesters, RTP students may solely attend Tarleton State University if they have met the satisfactory academic requirements as defined in the participation agreement. Participation in this program is by invitation from the Tarleton Office of Undergraduate Admissions only.

Program Requirements and Deadlines

Requirements at Tarleton

Requirements for Ranger College

  • Apply for Admission
  • Enroll in 6 or more credit hours
  • Submit your Bacterial Meningitis documentation to Ranger College
  • Submit TSI Scores and/or Exemptions
  • Complete the Financial Aid Consortium Form (after you enroll in classes at both Ranger and Tarleton)

Benefits of the Ranger to Tarleton Pathway Program

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Take Tarleton courses related to your degree while taking core classes at Ranger College

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Option to complete your associate’s degree at Ranger College in Stephenville

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Enjoy full access to Tarleton State University events and student organizations

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Option to live in Tarleton State University housing

Apply Now!

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Tarleton will house your financial aid for classes at Tarleton and Ranger

Access Consortium Agreement

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Work with a dedicated advisor at Tarleton and Ranger to ensure your success in the program

Your Ranger to Tarleton Advisor