Athletics and Title IX

Title IX governs many aspects of University life at Tarleton State University, including University Athletics. Below, you will find a general list of frequently asked questions and answers about the requirements of Title IX in relation to University Athletics.

If you have additional questions that are not covered, please contact the Title IX Coordinator or the Senior Associate Athletic Director for Academic Services.

What does Title IX require of Athletics

Title IX’s requirements of Athletics can be divided into three basic categories:


Men and women must be given equitable opportunities to participate in University sponsored athletics. The number and type of sports offered for men and women don’t have to be the same but there does need to be an equitable opportunity to play.


Female and male student athletes must receive scholarship dollars proportional to their participation levels in sports.

Other benefits

Female and male student athletes must receive equitable treatment in other aspects of being a student-athlete. This includes, but is not limited to, access to quality equipment, game/practice schedules, travel allowances, tutoring, coaching, locker rooms, stadiums, medical/training facilities, housing/dining, marketing, support services, and recruitment.

Does Title IX only benefit women’s sports

Although Title IX’s effect on women’s athletics has historically received attention in the media, Title IX benefits all student-athletes because it prevents universities from discriminating against anyone on the basis of gender. Title IX seeks to create an equitable educational environment where students of all genders can be successful in the classroom as well on the field, court, course, or pool.

Does Title IX apply to club and intramural sports?

Yes. Just like varsity sports, both club and intramural sports are regulated by Title IX. Universities must offer equitable opportunities for participation in club and intramural sports for female and male students.

Alleged violations of Title IX should be reported by completing the complaint form.

Once this form is completed and submitted you will receive an automated response back to your email noting that the complaint has been received by the University. You may wish to keep this notice for your records. This form may be completed anonymously by students or third parties.