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Title IX

Darren F. Keith is designated as Tarleton State University’s Title IX Coordinator. He is responsible for ensuring Tarleton State University complies with Title IX, including responding to and investigating all complaints of sex discrimination (including sexual harassment and sexual violence).

 As a student, if you believe that you or someone else has been subjected to sexual harassment by a university faculty or staff member, student, or Tarleton State University visitor or any other form of sex-based discrimination under Title IX, you may report such misconduct or file a formal complaint with the Title IX Coordinator or the official contact for each situation.

 All employees are responsible for ensuring their work and educational environments are free from discrimination. When alleged or suspected sex-based discrimination is experienced by, observed by or made known to an employee, the employee is responsible for reporting that information to the Title IX Coordinator.

Darren F. Keith

Department of Risk Management & Compliance

Administration Annex 1, Room 106


 A student has the right to file a criminal complaint and a Title IX complaint simultaneously. Tarleton's Title IX Coordinator will assist any victim with notifying local police if they so desire. The contacting of the police is not however require unless the victim is considered a minor in the State of Texas.

Additionally, inquiries or complaints about discrimination may also be directed to the United States Equal Opportunity Commission at 800-669-4000 or the United States Department of Education Office of Civil Rights at 214-661-9600.


Confidential Campus Survivor Advocates

 An important resource for you is the Campus Survivor Advocate. The availability of an advocate allows survivors to seek confidential support if they have been harmed. The advocate can make changes in housing or classes, assist students with seeking accommodations including academic extensions or grades of incomplete if necessary, help students understand formal reporting options (Title IX and law enforcement) and support students through those processes if a student chooses to engage in them.

The survivor advocate may be contacted at 254-968-9044.


Tarleton's Commitment

Tarleton State University is committed to providing an environment of academic study and employment free from harassment or discrimination to all segments of its community; its faculty, staff, students, guests and vendors; and will promptly address all complaints of discrimination, sexual harassment, and related retaliation in accordance with applicable federal and state laws. Tarleton encourages students, employees and visitors who believe they may have been subjected to sex discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual misconduct by university faculty, staff, students, visitors or contractors to report it immediately.

A Quick Note About Investigations

The U.S. Office of Civil Rights issued a Dear Colleague Letter in 2011 concerning a University's responsibilities under Title IX. Within this guidance it states that the University must get permission from the complainant to an allegation to continue with a Title IX investigation unless the actions are so severe that we must take action independent of their cooperation to protect the rest of the student population. Title IX Complaints which are closed at the request of the Complainant may be reopened at a later date by that individual.