Standard Operating Procedures/QAM Addenda

Table of Contents

(Table updated as procedures are revised)

Updated 8/23/23

Q = Quality Control         S = Safety    W = Waste    ob=obsolete    d=draft

Procedure NumberRevProcedure Title
QAM-Q-10015Quality Assurance Manual (copyright by TNI)
QAM-Q-10115Laboratory Quality Control
QAM-Q-10215Laboratory Material Acceptance Criteria
QAM-Q-10317Laboratory Equipment Maintenance
QAM-Q-10415Data Entry and Review
QAM-Q-10515Corrective Actions
QAM-Q-10717Laboratory Personnel Training
QAM-Q-11017Sample Receipt and Login
QAM-Q-11115Aliquot Preparation and Sample Preservation
QAM-Q-11216Sample Composting
QAM-Q-1139Responsibilities of the Laboratory Quality Assurance Officer
QAM-S-10114Laboratory Safety
QAM-A-10214Laboratory Document and Data Control
QAM-A-10310Data Reporting by the Laboratory Manager
QAM-A-1047Preparation and Control of Laboratory Procedures
QAM-W-10113Disposal of Laboratory Waste
QAM-I-10111Operation and Calibration of the Analytical Balance
QAM-I-10216Operation and Calibration of the Autoanalyzers
QAM-I-10313Operation and Calibration of the UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
QAM-I-10410Operation and Calibration of the Hach Portable Spectrophotometer
QAM-I-10511Operation and Calibration of the pH Meter
QAM-I-10712Operation and Calibration of the Block Digester
QAM-I-11011Operation and Calibration of the Autoclave
QAM-I-11112Operation and Calibration of the Conductivity Meter
QAM-I-1137Operation and Calibration of the D.O. Meter
QAM-I-1158Operation and Calibration of IR Thermometer
QAM-I-11614Preparation of Labware
QAM-I-11714Volumetric Equipment Calibration Verification
QAM-I-11814Thermometer Calibration Verification
QAM-I-1191Operation and Calibration of the Fluorometer
QAM-I-1200Operation and Calibration of the SEAL AQ300 Autoanalyzer
QAM-I-1210Operation and Calibration of the Biological Safety Cabinet
SOP-C-10115Determination of Biochemical Oxygen Demand
SOP-C-1028Determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand
SOP-C-10315Determination of Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen and Phosphorus
SOP-C-10412Determination of Ammonia as Nitrogen
SOP-C-10515Determination of Nitrate/Nitrite as Nitrogen
SOP-C-10615Determination of Orthophosphate as Phosphorus
SOP-C-10718Determination of Total Suspended Solids
SOP-C-10813Determination of Nonfilterable Volatile and Fixed Solids
SOP-C-10914Determination of Total Dissolved Solids
SOP-C-11215Determination of Chlorophyll-a and Pheophytin-a
SOP-C-11311Determination of Specific Conductance
SOP-C-11416Determination of Fecal Coliform and E. coli by Membrane Filtration
SOP-C-12010Determination of pH in the Laboratory
SOP-C-1219Determination of Residual Chlorine
SOP-C-124a19Determination of Total Coliform, Escherichia coli & Enterococci by IDEXX Defined Substrate Analysis(tm)
SOP-C-124b19Determination of Total Coliform and Escherichia Coli by IDEXX Colilert®
SOP-C-124c19Determination of Enterococci by IDEXX Enterolert®
SOP-C-12610Determination of Temperature
SOP-C-13013Determination of Total and Percent Solids
SOP-C-1314Preparation of Soil Samples
SOP-C-1320Preparation of Soil Samples for Analysis on SEAL AQ300
SOP-C-1360Determination of Chlorophyll-a and Pheophytin-a by Fluoroscopy
SOP-C-1370Determination of Chlorophyll-a and Pheophytin-a by Fluoroscopy (Special narrow-band method)
SOP-C-1525Determination of Soil Nitrate/Nitrite as Nitrogen
SOP-C-1620Determination of Soil Phosphorus by Mehlich 3 Extraction
SOP-C-1630Determination of Ammonia Nitrogen in Soil
QAM-R-1004TIAER Lab Radiochemistry Program
QAM-RI-1011Operation and Calibration of the Ludlum Model 3
QAM-RI-1022Operation and Calibration of the Ludlum Model 2350-1
QAM-RI-1031Operation and Calibration of the Ludlum Model 43-10
QAM-RI-1050Operation and Calibration of the Direct Reading Dosimeter
QAM-RI-1063Operation and Calibration of the Packard Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Counter
QAM-RI-1071Operation and Calibration of the Canberra Alpha Spectrometer
SOP-RC-1011Determination of Gross Alpha/Beta Activity
SOP-RC-1020Determination of Uranium by Alpha Spectrometry
SOP-RC-1030Determination of Tritium by Liquid Scintillation
SOP-RC-1111Determination of Radioactive Surface Contamination Using Swipe Surveys
TIAER Quality Assurance Manual QAM-Q-100, rev. 14

A = Administrative          C = Chemistry       I = Instrument      R=Radiochemistry