The TIAER Laboratory is accredited by the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program and has extensive experience in analyzing surface water samples, soils, and sediments. The laboratory maintains a secure facility that ensures the protection of client samples for production and integrity of legally-defensible data. A wide range of organic and inorganic constituents have been measured on TIAER projects including dissolved and suspended nutrients, oxygen demand, solids, chlorophyll, bacteria, heavy metals and pesticides/herbicides. The TIAER Laboratory is also certified to analyze drinking water coliform contamination. In addition to specific detection instrumentation that includes a variety of spectrophotometers, TIAER has an assortment of laboratory support equipment such as ovens, incubators, water baths, balances and sample preparation devices.

female scientist working in lab

The biologists, chemists and student assistants undergo thorough training prior to data production. Standardized procedures are used to adhere to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requirements where applicable. The TIAER Laboratory’s Quality Control/Quality Assurance section is audited by state and federal authorities and maintains oversight on laboratory functions.

TIAER employees testing water samples