All Tarleton Faculty and Staff email is hosted by Microsoft. As of Wednesday, October 28 Tarleton’s email protection solution transitionted from Proofpoint to Microsoft Defender for Office 365. Instructions for the new email services protection:

Faculty & Staff Email Access

Accessing Tarleton email from a web browser:

Accessing Tarleton email from mobile devices:

Faculty & Staff Email Protection FAQ

What is Microsoft 365 Defender?

Microsoft 365 Defender is a security solution that includes email protection that safeguards Tarleton emails from malware, phishing and spam.

What is an email quarantine folder?

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 holds potentially dangerous or unwanted messages in a quarantine folder. As a user, you can view, release and delete quarantined messages where you are a recipient and the message was quarantined as spam or bulk email.

Access your quarantine folder

What is the quarantine email notification?

Once a day, you will receive an email quarantine notification. The quarantine email notification allows you to review quarantined emails that were received within a 24 hour period. If no emails were quarantined, you will not receive this notification. Quarantined emails are automatically deleted after 14 days.

From the email you have the ability to Block Sender, Review, and Release the email message to your inbox. Sample image of a quarantine email notification.

What is the guidance for sending emails with confidential or sensitive information?

Tarleton’s IT Standards for All Users states that “Users shall encrypt confidential and controlled information before transmitting such information over a non-Tarleton State University-owned network, e.g. the Internet.” 

For details regarding email encryption instructions see the Email Encryption Guide.

What is the purpose of the [EXTERNAL] tag in the email subject?

The [EXTERNAL] tag identifies email originating outside of Tarleton. The tag is a tool that could be helpful in determining if the email is legitimate or a phishing scam.

When receiving email with the [EXTERNAL] tag, take a thorough look at the email to make certain it is legitimate.

Questions to consider when reviewing an email:

  • Is the email from a sender you know?
  • Is the message poorly written?
  • Does the email contain suspicious attachments?
  • Doe the email request credentials or account information?
  • Does the email incite a sense or urgency?

If you suspect that any email send the email to [email protected] or contact the HelpDesk: Phone: (254) 968-9885 Email: [email protected] Create HelpDesk ticket

Can I opt out of [EXTERNAL] tagging of my emails?

No, you cannot opt out of the external tagging of emails. Tagging external emails is an added security measure that acts as a helpful visual to remind us to take special care in reading and responding to external email messages.

How do I submit a request for an [EXTERNAL] email tag exemption?

In some instances a valid Tarleton source is tagged [EXTERNAL]. This is due to emails sent from cloud applications or services that are external to Tarleton’s email system.

To request an exemption contact the Tarleton HelpDesk: Phone: (254) 968-9885 Email: [email protected] Create helpDesk ticket.