The Rural Communication Institute launched its first edition of the Rural Communication Journal in Fall 2020.

Purpose – The purpose of this journal is to serve as an active (and interactive) resource for practitioners, rural researchers, and rural educators.

A Note from the Editor

There is a great need for more rural research. A paucity of research stemming from the United States focuses on rural areas. Other countries in the world seem to be more focused on equity and experiences of individuals living in rural areas than researchers in the United States. I was pleased to work with an amazing team on this issue. I urge everyone who reads this journal to contribute their experiences and focus their research on the rural research field. – Dr. Jennifer Edwards (Editor)

Rural Communication Journal – Issue 1, Volume 2

Rhetorical Rurality and its Metaphoric Expressions

Bryce D. Tellmann, Ph.D., Rob Patterson, Ph.D., Kevin, J. Hales, Ph.D.

An Annotated Bibliography: Important Articles 1980-2021 for Both Practitioners and Academics, Regarding Broadband Connectivity for Purposes of Rural Economic Development, Workforce Development, and Higher Education

Anna Robson, Anthony C. Edwards, Ed.D., Rob Patterson, Ph.D

Another Look at the 2020 Census: Reaching Hard-to-Reach Populations in Rural Areas
Kayla Hall Jones, M.A., Zach Villa, M.A, Bre Lillie, M.A

Using Health Literacy as a Tool to Address Rural Health Disparities during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Xuewei Chen, PhD, MCHES

Review of Rural voices: 15 Authors challenge assumptions about small-town America

Bradley Wolfe, Ed.D.

Rural Communication Journal – Issue 1, Volume 1

Overcoming Mental Health Disparities in Rural Texas

Subi Gandhi, Ph.D. (Public Health, Tarleton State University)

Agritourism Opportunities for Rural Farmers and Ranchers

Karley A. Goen, Ed.D. (Communication Studies, Tarleton State University)

How Rural Roadside Stands and Farmer Markets Can Use Social Media to Promote their Products and Expand Their Customer Base (or Roadside Stands and Farmers Markets: The OG Social Media Platform)

Anna Laurent (Master’s Student – Tarleton Communication Studies)

Economic Development in Rural Areas

Son Mai, Ph.D. (Management, McNeese State University)

Rural Sports and the Future

Shitara Taylor (Master’s Student – Communication Studies ,Tarleton State University)

Rural Communication Internships – Creating Win-Win Partnerships

Cessna Winslow, Ph.D. (Communication Studies, Tarleton State University)

Rural Travel and Tourism – Call to Action

Charles Howard, Ph.D. (Communication Studies, Tarleton State University)

Innovative Rural Outreach and Engagement

Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D. (Communication Studies, Tarleton State University)

Call for Submissions

The Rural Communication Institute at Tarleton State University is seeking submissions for the next rural communication journal. Possible article topics include, but are not limited to the following rural topics: emergency management, K-12, higher education, telemedicine, agriculture, supply chain access, and small business.

The RCJ accepts papers (7,000 words maximum), literature reviews (3,000 words), and book reviews (2,000 words maximum). The maximum length requirements also includes the abstract, figures, tables, and references. Each submission should follow APA format (7th edition) and should be written in Times New Roman, double-spaced, and 12-point font. (*This includes abstract, tables, figures, and references.)

All submissions must be received by:

  • September 15th (Fall Journal)
  • January 30th (Spring Journal)

Please remember to include a title page and abstract with your submission. Each title page should include names of the authors, their position, and their affiliation.