The Rural Student Fellowship Experience

The Rural Communication and the Texas Social Media Research Institutes are actively recruiting students from all over the nation to join the Rural Communication Fellowship Experience. This experience is virtual and all work is completed on our weekly Zoom session and in an interactive Facebook Group.

We are focused on providing an interactive experience for students to develop innovative communication messages and campaigns to help people live, learn, and thrive in rural areas of Texas and the United States. (All Majors are Welcome)

The fellowship/internship is renewable and freshmen are welcome to join the Rural Communication Institute. 

After the Fellowship/Internship Experience, Students Can Add the Following Skills to Their Resume!

  • Executed and Assessed Social Media Campaigns
  • Built a Network of Other Social Media Managers
  • Maintained a Rural Social Media Helpline
  • Created a Social Media Newsletter
  • Developed a Rural Communication Podcast
  • Planned Large Scale Summits and Events
  • Participated in Weekly Social Media Chats

During the Rural Communication Institute Experience, Students Will Gain Access to One or More Following Experiences…

  • Traveling Across the United States (and beyond)
  • Networking with Employers
  • Artifacts and Skills to Add to Your Resume
  • Earning a “Rural Communication” Badge
  • Making a Difference for Rural Texans (and others)

Interested students should complete the following application and then contact Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards ([email protected]).