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Welcome to the Department of Mathematics!

We’re excited that you’re considering studying mathematics with us. Our highly qualified faculty, dedicated to high standards, assures you a rich, knowledge-filled experience.

Our students travel beyond mathematics to learn such cutting-edge technologies as Super Computing and 3-D printing, and compete against the nation’s top schools in NASA research competitions. With us, you prepare for the best jobs in the nation.

Mathematicians Land Top Spot in New Ranking of Best and Worst Occupations in the U.S. – The Wall Street Journal

Nine out of 10 of the best jobs fell into the STEM career category, with the 'numbers guys,' in particular, locking in three of the top four spots. – USA TODAY

Our bachelor’s programs can be tailored to meet your needs, with concentrations to enter industry, graduate school or professional fields like finance, law or teaching.

Our master’s degree specializes in data science, mathematics education, pure mathematics or applied mathematics.

Join the best and brightest. Develop your know-how!

Meet Our Graduates

Every semester our program sees a number of our students off to graduation. Our graduates range from undergraduate to graduate degrees. Many go on to have successful careers and we're proud of the work they do. We believe they show the range of career possibilities for those with an interest in Mathematics. 


Degrees Offered

Undergraduate Degrees

Graduate Degrees

Earn a Master of Science in Mathematics, specializing in data science, mathematics education, pure mathematics, or applied mathematics.

Math Department News, Announcements, and Events

Math Department Students Featured in Tarleton Research and Innovation Magazine

Mathematics professors Scott Cook, Jesse Crawford, and Bryant Wyatt and students Taylor Hutrya, Preston Ward, Suzy Tovar, Mary Barker, Ed Smith, Jarred Sumpter, Jonathon Petz, and Baylor Fain are featured in the current edition of Tarleton's Research and Innovation magazine. Click the link above to read about their research using math to fight gerrymandering, detect waste/fraud/abuse in health care, and obtain advantages in online gaming.

Virtual Math Day 2020, April 30, 2020

Math Day 2020, Zoom style, was held on Thursday, April 30, 2020, and hosted by Dr. Eileen Faulkenberry. The program was attended remotely by faculty and students of the Mathematics Department. The following individuals received recognitions:

Rose Ann Jackson, Instructor, on the occasion of her retirement after 13 years at Tarleton. Her colleagues describe her as kind, friend, caring, sweet, devoted, mentor, joyful, professional, and many other accolades. In social media, her former students consistently express gratitude for her care and influence in their lives. We will miss the smile and encouragement that Rose Ann has brought to the Mathematics Department every day.

Rachael Thorpe, recipient of the Pamela Littleton Oustanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

Jordan McCain, recipient of the Outstanding Mathematics Department Graduate Award

Dr. Beth Riggs, recipient of the Timothy L. Flinn Annual Faculty Excellence Award

The faculty gave presentations on their topics of interest this year. Here is the Math Day 2020 program:

Dr. Bowen Brawner, Department Head – Welcome and Thank You!

  • Dr. Jeremiah Bass – SoTL for a Subtle Subject
  • Diane Casey – Creating your own PVC Doc Cam
  • Dr. Scott Cook – Math > Plague
  • Dr. Jesse Crawford – Identification of Anomalous ER Claims
  • Dr. Keith Emmert – So I was bored one day … COVID19 Edition
  • Dr. Eileen Faulkenberry – 2020 Vision
  • Dr. John Gresham – The Geometry-free Trigonometry Project – A Status Report
  • Dr. Chris Mitchell – Zika was so Adorable
  • Dr. Beth Riggs – ReFOCUSed in 2020
  • Dr. Kathy Smith – Closeted Mathematician
  • Dr. Dwayne Snider – Spanish Flu of 1918
  • Nancy Summer – Math Clinic Summary
  • Michael Warren – Preservice Teacher Noticing
  • Dr. Peter White – Computer Aided Mathematics and the Bombay Plague of 1906
  • Dr. Bryant Wyatt – This Year Could Have Been a Contender
  • Madhur Wyatt – Connections

Dr. Bowen Brawner closed the program with the Presentation of Awards.

Math Day 2020 Student Winners

As a part of Math Day 2020, fourteen students submitted three-minute videos about their research. After judging, here are the names and topics of the top six presenters:

1st Place: Jaryd Domine, "Viral Traffic: Predicting Geographic Spread of Disease Using Road Network Data," Mentor: Dr. Scott Cook

2nd Place: Jaryd Domine, "Reward-Based Truss Optimization for Modern Applications," Mentors: Dr. Bryant Wyatt, Dr. Rajesh Vuddandam

3rd Place Abigail Ballard, "Parameter Estimation and Simulation of Bacteriophage Infection Model," Mentors: Dr. Keith Emmert, Dr. Christopher Mitchell, Dr. Dustin Edwards

4th Place: Christoffer Dryssen, "Hearing the Silent: Using Deep Learning to Interpret American Sign Language," Mentor: Dr. Scott Cook

5th Place: Suzie Tovar and Preston Ward, "Big jumps or little steps: fighting gerrymandering with random walks," Mentors: Dr. Scott Cook, Dr. Christopher Mithchel

6th Place: Mason A. McCallum, "N-Body Simulation of Binary Star Mass Transfer," Mentors: Dr. Bryant Wyatt, Dr. Shaukat Goderya

We congratulate all the students who submitted videos. All the videos were of high quality, reflecting the hard work by the students and their mentors, particularly under the conditions of remote instruction.

View a description of the judging this year and the announcing of the winners here.

Mathematics Faculty Win University Awards, March 3, 2020

The following faculty in the Mathematics Department have received Tarleton State University Awards for 2020:

  • Dr. Keith Emmert, Barry B. Thompson Service Award
  • Dr. Bryant Wyatt, Faculty Excellence in Student Success Award
  • Dr. Scott Cook, Engaged Faculty Award

Congratulations to these winners. These recognitions represent their ongoing dedication and hard work as members of the Mathematics Department.

Pictures of the winners accompanied by Tarleton President Dr. James Hurley, Provost Dr. Karen Murray, College of Science and Technology Dean Dr. Michael Huggins, and Mathematics Department Head Dr. Bowen Brawner can be found on the Tarleton State University Mathematics Department Facebook page.

COST Awards 2020

Six Faculty Members Receive Recognition at COST Awards Dinner February 6, 2020

On Thursday, February 6, the College of Science and Technology held its Annual Awards Dinner. Each award recipient was nominated by his or her peers with letters of support from faculty and students. The following, from left to right in the picture, were recognized:

  • Dr. Scott Cook, Mathematics Department, Engaged Faculty Award
  • Dr. Richard Winton, Mathematics Department, Faculty Excellence in Scholarship Award
  • Dr. Bryant Wyatt, Mathematics Department, Faculty Excellence in Student Success Award
  • Dr. Victoria Chraibi, Biological Sciences, Outstanding Junior Faculty Award
  • Mr. Daren Davis, Engineering Technology, O.A. Grant Teaching Award
  • Dr. Keith Emmert, Mathematics, Barry B. Thompson Service Award

Congratulations to all these for their hard work and service to Tarleton State University!

Dr. Kathy Smith Authors New Resource Book for Teachers

Dr. Kathy Smith, and coauthors Molly Weinburgh and Cecilia Silva, are pleased to announce the publication of their new book “Supporting Emergent Multilingual Learners in Science Grades 7-12,” published by the National Science Teachers Association, ISBN: 978-1-68140-481-3. The book is a resource for teachers facing the challenge of working with students who need to learn both STEM content and English. It combines science, math, and language teaching strategies with down-to-earth help for emergent multilingual learners using the 5R Instructional Model: Replace, Reveal, Repeat, Reposition, and Reload. The book lays out the need for a special teaching approach and moves from theory to practice, ending with examples from actual classrooms. Congratulations to Dr. Smith and her colleagues in creating this valuable and useful resource.

Tarleton Study Abroad students holding Tarleton flag

Math Students Study Abroad in London, July 16 - August 6, 2019

If it's Tuesday this must be London. The class in Math History taught by Dr. Eileen Faulkenberry and Dr. Kathy Smith will be visiting numerous museums and points of interest in London and the United Kingdom. These include the Tower of London, St. Paul's, the London Eye, Westminster Abby, the British Science Museum, and Hampton Court. There will be side trips to Bletchley Park (codebreakers in World War II worked here), Paris, Greenwich (want to stand at 0 degrees longitude?), Oxford, Cambridge, Stonehenge, Bath (Roman era city), Edinburgh, and Loch Ness (extra points for spotting Nessie).

Keep checking on this great experience at the Tarleton Mathematics Department Facebook page.

Oakwoods Enrichment Day

Dr. Kathy Smith, Dr. Scott Cook, Dr. Chris Mitchell, along with Tarleton students and Oakwoods students at Math Enrichment Day

Fifth Grade Math Enrichment Day at Oakwoods Elementary in Granbury, November 1, 2019

On November 1, the Tarleton Math Club traveled to Granbury to run Math Enrichment Day for 110 fifth-graders at Oakwoods Elementary School. The students played the math games of Set, Chocolate, and 24 and learned how math can fight gerrymandering.

Conferences 2019-20

TAS 2020 winners
Shawn Brody, Jaryd Domine, Mason McCallum

Tarleton Students Win Awards at the 2020 Texas Academy of Science Meeting at Stephen F. Austin University, February 28-29, 2020

Seven students and four Tarleton faculty members traveled to Stephen F. Austin University to attend the TAS annual meeting.

The following gave presentations:

  • "Big jumps or little steps: Fighting gerrymandering with random walks," Shawn Michel-Alexander Brody; Advisors Dr. Scott Cook and Dr. Chris Mitchell
  • "Salamander Classification With Convolutional Neural Networks," Preston Ward; Advisor Dr. Chris Mitchell
  • "Counterintuitive No Matter How You Cut It," Nicholas Alexander Petela; Advisor Dr. Jesse Crawford
  • "N-body Adaptive Optimization of Lattice Towers," Jaryd Stone Domine, presenter, Hakiem Grant, Wyatt Young; Advisor Dr. Bryant Wyatt
  • "N-Body Approach to the Traveling Salesman Problem," Clayton Tobin, presenter, Johnny Seay; Advisor Dr. Bryant Wyatt
  • "Parameter Estimation and Simulation of Bacteriophage Infection Model," Abigail Rose Ballard; Advisors Dr. Keith Emmert and Dr. Chris Mitchell
  • "N-body Simulation of Contact Binary Star Evolution Using Nvidia GPUs," Mason Andrew McCallum; Advisor Dr. Bryant Wyatt
  • "Generalizations of the Trigonometry Functions," Dr. Bryant Wyatt, presenter, Dr. John Gresham, Dr. Jesse Crawford

Dr. Scott Cook attended and served as Vice Chair of the Mathematics and Computer Science Section. Dr. Cook has become Chair of this section for the 2021 meeting. Dr. Chris Mitchell attended and was elected Vice Chair for the 2021 meeting.

At the Awards Banquet at the end of the conference the following received Awards and Cash Prizes:

  • Jaryd Domine, first place, Amir Moez Award in Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science Section
  • Mason McCallum, first place, Physics and Engineering Oral Presentation
  • Shawn Brody, second place, Graduate Student Oral Presentation Competition

We congratulate these winners. We are proud of the effort and preparation that all our presenters and advisors have put into their talks at the TAS 2020 meeting.

Tarleton Students and Faculty Attend Texas Oklahoma Regional Undergraduate Symposium, Cameron University, February 15, 2020

Dr. Scott Cook, Dr. Chris Mitchell, and Dr. Bryant Wyatt took ten students to this year's TORUS meeting. Presentations given were:

  • "Parameter Estimation and Simulation of Bacteriophage Infection Model," Abigail Ballard
  • "N-Body Adaptive Optimization of Lattice Towers," Jaryd Domine
  • "Counterintuitive No Matter How You Cut It," Nicholas Alexander Petela
  • "Landing Rovers in Microgravity Environments," Sidney Davis and Jaryd Domine
  • "Randomly Walking Away from Gerrymandering," Diana Dinh-Andrus
  • "N-Body Simulation of Binary Star Mass Transfer," Mason McCallum
  • "N-Body Approach to the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP)," Clayton Tobin
  • "Mathematical Approaches to Redistricting," Tristan Florence
  • "Exploring the Relationship Between Aphrodisiac and Anti-Aphrodisiac Chemicals in a Model for Pieris Brassicae and the Trichogramma Wasp," Dason Mitchell and Aurod Ounsinegad
  • "A Predator-Prey Model for Largemouth Bass and Channel Catfish," Trace Patterson

This one-day conference provides an excellent opportunity for presenters who would like to propose a course project, undergraduate research, or related material in the mathematical sciences in an encouraging atmosphere. It is one of highlights of the spring conference season.

Tarleton Students Travel to Texas A&M at Commerce for Differential Equations Challenge Competition, November 9, 2019

On Saturday, November 9, 2019, students from Tarleton brought their mathematical descriptions/models to share with fellow students and faculty as part of an international event--a competition with local site host schools in both the United States and other countries. In all, over 600 students from many schools worked as teams of three at their home school for over a week on one of three real-world problem scenarios. Six TSU math students travelled to our local host site at Texas A&M Commerce to share their results and get feedback from faculty judges.

This year two teams from Tarleton State University participated. Johnny Seay, Sidney Davis, and Jaryd Domine, coached by Dr. Mitchell, were awarded Outstanding for their project over the movement of objects on small microgravity environments such as asteroids. Abigail Ballard, Dashon Mitchell, and Aurod Ounsinegad, coached by Dr. Wyatt, were awarded Meritorious for their project over chemical signals from wasps and butterflies which relate to reproduction and egg deposits.

The event, SCUDEM IV 2019 (SIMIODE Challenge Using Differential Equations), for high school and undergraduate students was sponsored by SIMIODE – Systemic Initiative for Modeling investigations and Opportunities with Differential Equations. Anyone interested in modeling with mathematics, specifically with the STEM pivotal material known as differential equations, can join SIMIODE (free at ).

16th Annual Texas A&M University System Pathways Research Symposium at Texas A&M International, Laredo, November 7-8, 2019

The Pathways Student Research Symposium provides an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students across multiple academic disciplines to present their research findings in a poster or oral format. The Symposium provides students with the valuable experience of networking and showcasing their research with faculty, judges, and other participants to supplement their education.

At this year's meeting the Tarleton Mathematics Department extended to a fifth consecutive year its string of having at least one first place award. Preston Ward took 1st place in the graduate Math & Physical Sciences category for "Big Jumps or Little Steps: Fighting Gerrymandering with Random Walks." The Math vs Gerrymandering research team has won three straight 1st place awards at Pathways (in 3 different categories). Jaryd Domine took 5th place in undergraduate Math & Physical Sciences category for "N-Body Adaptive Optimization of Lattice Towers."

Second Annual Meeting of the SIAM Texas-Louisiana Section, Southern Methodist University – Dallas, Texas, November 1–3, 2019

Two Tarleton students traveled to the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathemetics meeting at Southern Methodist University and gave poster presentations.

  • N-Body Approach to the Traveling Salesman Problem – Johnny Seay
  • Big Jumps or Little Steps: Fighting Gerrymandering with Random Walks – Preston Ward

15th Annual Texas Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, University of Texas at Tyler, October 25-26, 2019

Five faculty from the Tarleton State University accompanied students to the 2019 Texas Undergraduate Mathematics Conference. Dr. Eileen Faulkenberry, Dr. Christopher Cox, Dr. Christopher Mitchell, Dr. Scott Cook, and Dr. Bryant Wyatt accompanied 18 undergraduate students to the conference where students presented their research:

  • GPU Modeling of Binary Star Mass Transfer – Mason McCallum
  • N-body Adaptive Optimization of Lattice Towers – Jaryd Domine
  • An N-body Approach to the Travelling Salesman Problem – Johnny Seay
  • Counter-intuitive No Matter How You Cut It – Nicholas Petela
  • Parameter Estimation and Simulation of Bacteriophage Infection Model – Abigail Ballard
  • Big Jumps or Little Steps: Fighting Gerrymandering with Random Walks - Shawn Brody, Tyra Buchanan

Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching (CAMT) July 10-12, 2019

This year's hottest math conference, in terms of temperature and attendance, is the Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching, held in San Antonio. Tarleton faculty attending this year's conference were Dr. Kathy Smith, Michael Warren, Joseph McMahan, Colleen Seaman, Dr. Beth Riggs, Dr. Eileen Faulkenberry, Imelda Salinas, and Diane Casey. Presentations were given by

Dr. Eileen Faulkenberry "Find the Gold in the Golden Ratio"
Michael Warren "Teacher Noticing for Preservice Teachers in a Summer Field Experience (AMTE-TX)"

Tarleton students attending were Kierah Caldwell, Vasiliki Martinez, Payton Costlow, Alexandria Hart, Jordan McCain, and Austin Alexander.

Learn more about CAMT 2019 here and on the Tarleton Mathematics Department Facebook page.