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Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at Tarleton State University!

Our Mission and Purpose is to provide empowering educational opportunities that prepare students for rewarding careers as collaborative leaders in their chosen fields and contribute to the development of a mathematically literate citizenry.

Department Head Message

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at Tarleton State University. I hope you will find our website helpful and informative. Our department’s main goal is to help students excel in the fields of Mathematics and Mathematics Education. We have highly qualified faculty members in different areas in pure and Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Mathematics Education.

Whether you are taking one course as a university requirement or pursuing a degree in Mathematics, our faculty’s dedication to upholding high teaching standards will provide you with a rich, knowledge-filled experience.

We are located at the Mathematics Building. Come by and check out our facility classrooms and computer lab. If you would like further information, please feel free to call us at 254-968-9168.

Meet Our Graduates

Every semester our program sees a number of our students off to graduation. Our graduates range from undergraduate to graduate degrees. Many go on to have successful careers and we're proud of the work they do. We believe they show the range of career possibilities for those with an interest in Mathematics. 


Degrees Offered

Undergraduate Degrees

Graduate Degrees

Earn a Master of Science in Mathematics, specializing in data science, mathematics education, pure mathematics, or applied mathematics.

Math Department News & Events

Tarleton Math Majors Win Pathways Award

Math majors Preston Ward and Maria (Suzy) Tovar won 1st place at the 2018 TAMUS Pathways to Research conference in the Social Science and Humanities undergraduate category for their talk "Math v. Gerrymandering" on Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods to fight gerrymandering.

This is the group's second consecutive first place. They won 1st place at Pathways 2017 in the Mathematics undergraduate category for their poster "Transit Time Compactness." This new technique measures compactness of political districts via average travel times within the district.

The group is led by Dr. Scott Cook of the Tarleton Dept. of Mathematics and also includes Casey Sutton, Diana Dinh-Andrus, Peter Hayes, Mary Barker, Joseph Brown, Dr. Rob Muth, and Dr. Anne Egelston.

Thanks to Dr. Moon Duchin and the Tufts/Harvard/MIT Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering Group for allowing Preston Ward and Mary Barker to participate in their Voting Rights Data Institute in Boston, MA in summer 2018.

Dr. Frank Morgan Presenting at Tarleton Math Club on Thursday October 4, 2018

Dr. Morgan is the Webster Atwell '21 Professor of Mathematics Emeritus at Williams College. He has served as Editor-in-Chief of the Notices of the American Mathematical Society. He will present in Math 125 at 12:15 on "Optimal Tiles" and at 1:00 on "Best Practices for Student Research."

CanSat International Rocket Competition June 8-10, 2018

Had rocket, have traveled. The 14th annual American Astronautical Society (AAS) CanSat Competition took place at Tarleton State University June 8 through 10, 2018, with college and university teams from around the world vying for top honors. This year’s competition featured the best 33 teams from 105 applicants.

Teams from the U.S., Canada, India, Iran, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Turkey and the United Kingdom participated. Many of the teams returned to Tarleton this year, having competed here in CanSat 2017.

Launches took place on Saturday at Tarleton’s Agricultural Center/College Farm. Post-flight presentations and awards were given on Sunday in the Lamar Johanson Science Building. Lauren Gillespie, Administrative Coordinator, College of Science and Technology, served as Lead Event Coordinator. Steve Merwin, Mathematics Department Instructor and Aeronautical Team Advisor, served as Lead Technology Coordinator.

Read more about CanSat 2018 in this Tarleton Press Release. For many more pictures from CanSat 2018, see the Tarleton Mathematics Department Facebook page.

Tarleton Mathematics Day 2018

On May 3, 2018, the Mathematics Department held its Math Day program with faculty presentations, student presentations, awards, and a slide show of the many activities, research, conferences, presentations, and service during the past year.

  • Chad Tyre received the Pamela Littleton Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award.
  • Misty Files received the Outstanding Graduate Award
  • Dr. Eileen Faulkenberry received the Timothy L. Flinn Annual Faculty Excellence Award
  • Dr. Dwayne Snider was honored for 42 years of service at Tarleton in the Mathematics Department and in the Administration

Math Day 2018 Student Presentation Winners

First Place -- Edwin Gonzalez & Stephen Lowe, N-body Approach to the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP)
Second Place -- Maria Tovar, Casey Sutton, Diana Dihn-Andrus & Preston Ward, Quantifying Gerrymandering via Transit Time
Third Place -- Taylor Hutyra & Wesley Pryor, Mandel - “Brought” the Music: Turning Fractals into Sound

Tarleton Recognizes Dr. Kathy Smith at its annual Faculty and Staff Awards Banquet

On Tuesday, April 24, 2018, Dr. Kathy Smith, the recipient of the 2018 Engaged Faculty Award, was among those honored at the Tarleton Awards Banquet. Congratulations, Dr. Smith!

Read the article in the Tarleton Media Relations release.

Conferences, Conferences, and Commendations

It’s spring. March Madness, baseball season, and the Masters golf tournament get our attention. At the Tarleton Math Department, it’s math madness conference time. Here’s what’s been happening.

MAA-Mathematical Association of America Texas Section Meeting, El Centro College, Dallas, April 5-7
Attending: Eileen Faulkenberry, Scott Cook, Bryant Wyatt, Colleen Seaman, Jeremiah Bass, Jesse Crawford, Keith Emmert; 33 students
Award: Bryant Wyatt; Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics
Award: Edwin Gonzales and Stephen Lowe; Best Research Presentation in the Applied Math Division

GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, March 26-29
With this meeting, you can find your way to the premier conference on graphical processing units and their applications in modeling and Artificial Intelligence.
Attending: Bryant Wyatt; students Eric Hall, Acer Garcia
Presentation: Eric Hall, Acer Garcia—“Heliocentric Lunar-Forming Impact Model”

ICTCM 2018 – The 30th International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics, Washington, D.C., March 15-18
Attending: Bryant Wyatt, Bowen Brawner
Presentation: Bryant Wyatt (John Gresham, Michael Warren co-authors) “Finding Complex Zeros of a Cubic Polynomial from Its Graph”

T3—Teachers Teaching with Technology, San Antonio, March 2-4
Attending: Eileen Faulkenberry, Colleen Seaman, Michael Warren, Nancy Summer, Rose Ann Jackson, Beth Riggs, Imelda Salinas, Diane Casey
Presentations: Eileen Faulkenberry and Beth Riggs, “"Aha! Systems, Systems Everywhere”

Research Council on Mathematics Learning, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, February 22-24
Faculty attending: Eileen Faulkenberry, Kathy Smith, Michael Warren, Melissa Eubank
Presentations: Eileen Faulkenberry “The impact of classroom experiences on pre-service teachers’ mathematics self-efficacy.”

Kathy Horak Smith, Eileen Faulkenberry, & Michael Warren “An investigation of pre-service teachers’ problem solving skills.”

Texas/Oklahoma Regional Undergraduate Symposium, Midwestern University, Wichita Falls, February 10
Attending: Bryant Wyatt, Jeremiah Bass; students: Eric Hall, Aser Garcia, Edwin Gonzalez, Nikki Gonzalez, Stephen Lowe, Preston Ward, Sabrina Hetzel, Nicholas Petela, Mason McCallum
Presentations: “Heliocentric Lunar-Forming Impact Model” Eric Hall with Aser Garcia

“N-body Approach to the Traveling Sales Man Problem” Edwin Gonzalez and Stephen Lowe

Computing absorption probabilities in simple finite random walks” Sabrina Hetzel

Magic Squares” Preston Ward

Quantifying Gerrymandering Via Transit Time” Maria Tovar and Preston Ward

Improved Ramsey Number Bounds Via MCMC” Mason A. McCallum and Nicholas Petela

2018 Annual Conference of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, Houston, February 8-10
Attending: Eileen Faulkenberry, Kathy Smith

Tarleton State University Rocket Team Heads to Nasa Competition April 4-8, 2018

The Tarleton State University Rocket Team is headed to NASA Marshal Space Flight Center in Alabama. Teams face off in the 2018 competition April 4-8. For more information please read the NASA press release.

The Launches will air live April 7th on NASA TV. You can follow at the links below.

Math Faculty Receive Recognitions at the 2018 College of Science and Technology Annual Awards Dinner

At the awards dinner on February 8, 2018 the following four math faculty received awards:

  • Dr. Beth Riggs -- Barry B. Thompson Service Award
  • Dr. Kathy Smith -- Engaged Faculty Award
  • Dr. Eileen Faulkenberry -- Faculty Excellence in Scholarship Award
  • Michael Warren -- O.A. Grant Teaching Award

Congratulations to this year's award recipients.