Principal Practicum

For students entering the program in Fall 2019, the Principal Practicum will be a two-semester, year-long field experience under the supervision of both a site supervisor (Principal or Assistant Principal) and university/field supervisor. The Principal Practicum (EDAD 5398 & EDAD 5399) for aspiring campus administrators is designed to assist students in the development and demonstration of competencies associated with the Texas standards for the Principal as Instructional Leader Certificate through engagement with actual administrative duties and responsibilities that are aligned with the nine TEA Principal as Instructional Leader Pillars (Communication with Stakeholders; Curriculum Alignment; Diversity and Equity; Data-Driven Instruction; Hiring, Selection and Retention; Observation and Feedback; Professional Development; School Vision and Culture; and Strategic Problem-Solving).

The program is designed to integrate theory and practice through a field-based training approach with a practicing administrator (site administrator). Specific activities and assignments will be determined collaboratively by the student, the university/field supervisor, and the site administrator to ensure that the student obtains practical experience consistent with the standards for the principal certificate. The student is given experience in developing and applying competencies associated with the domains for the TExES 268 principal certification examination:

  1. School Culture
  2. Leading Learning
  3. Human Capital
  4. Executive Leadership
  5. Strategic Operations
  6. Ethics, Equity, and Diversity

The application for the Principal Practicum needs to be submitted by July 1 for the fall semester, and by November 1 for the spring semester. Students will be responsible for enrolling themselves in the Practicum course after submitting the application. 

Note: At the conclusion of the principal practicum, candidates will also need to pass the Texas State Principal as Instructional Leader Certification assessment (268) and Performance Assessment for School Leaders (PASL) in order to apply for the TEA Standard Principal Certificate. Additionally, practicum students must be employed in an educational setting during the entirety of the course. Lastly, the site supervisor who will be mentoring the principal candidate is required to hold current Texas Principal Certification.

Degree Completion: Courses are valid for up to six (6) years before graduation and program completion. Students will need to retake courses that are older than six years prior to completing the program.

Termination from Program: In order to retain full admission in the Principal Certification Program, students must maintain continuous enrollment in the university. Failure to attend for two consecutive long semesters or graduating non-certified constitutes withdrawal from the program. 

Additionally, failure to maintain a 3.0 GPA is grounds for removal from program.


While most principal practicums are completed in public school settings, accredited private school or charter school setting can be approved under some circumstances. Please contact the principal certification program coordinator for more details.