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The Math Achievement Center (MAC) is a free tutoring service provided by the Mathematics department and the College of Science and Mathematics. It is located in Room 203 in the Mathematics Building. Our tutors are either graduate teaching assistants or undergraduate students that have a strong mathematics background. There are 5 computers available for students who have online math homework and need a quiet place to work. Students are welcome to use the center as a place to complete homework assignments and have a tutor there in case any questions arise.


The MAC will be closed on April 7th and 10th for Easter Break. Please see our social media sites for regular updates.

Meet Our Tutors
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MAC Online

The Math Achievement Center is excited to announce the implementation of a pilot program to offer free virtual tutoring for the Fort Worth and Waco campuses! This service is for Fort Worth and Waco students ONLY.

Monday: 12-3 pm

Tuesday: 12-2 pm

Wednesday: 12-3 pm

Thursday: 12-2 pm

Friday: 9-1 pm

Wait time may vary depending on tutor availability and in-person demand

Please read the What to Expect prior to joining zoom.

Zoom link:

Best times to come in for each class:

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Instructor Resources

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Request a tutor or intern to come to your class! Send an email to Brentley Bendewald or an intern to request a future class visit!

Contacts Us

Math Department Phone Number: 254-968-9538

Direct Number: 254-968-0570

Achievement Center CoordinatorBrentley Bendewald[email protected]
Student InternJosie Fladager[email protected]
Student InternMadison Frey[email protected]

Math Achievement Center Hours

Monday – Thursday, 9 – 4 pm

Fridays 9 – 1 pm

Check out the best times to get help in your class!

Note: If these times do not work for you, contact the Tutoring and Learning Center, as they offer free private tutoring corresponding with your schedule.

We Tutor In The Following Courses:

  • Math 0303 – Basic Mathematics
  • Math 0304 – Fundamentals of College Algebra
  • Math 1314 – College Algebra
  • Math 1316 – Plane Trigonometry
  • Math 1324 – Math for Business I*
  • Math 1325 – Math for Business II*
  • Math 1332 – Contemporary Mathematics
  • Math 1342 – Elementary Statistics*
  • Math 2332 – Applied Matrix Algebra*
  • Math 2412 – Precalculus
  • Math 2413 – Calculus I
  • Math 2414 – Calculus II*
  • Math 3306 – Differential Equations*
  • Math 3311 – Probability Statistics I*
  • Math 3450 – Bio-Statistics*

Student Reviews

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What To Expect

  • Appointments are not required, and wait times can vary depending on available tutors.
  • Tutoring sessions are customized, and session lengths can vary. Please plan accordingly.
  • You must be present during tutoring; you cannot drop off work to be reviewed by a tutor.

What to bring with you to the Math Achievement Center

  • Any notes from your class
  • Any old tests/quizzes or homework you may have struggled with
  • Textbook, if used
  • Homework or assignments that you need help with


Mathematics Building, Room 203

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