Guidelines for Faculty Travel

Approval is required for any university related travel more than 25 miles from your assigned campus – this does NOT include travel to other Tarleton locations/campuses (including Timberlake Biological Field Station).

Current Travel Approval Requirements:

  • In-State Travel Requests will be approved by the sponsoring departmental Leaders (Department Heads/Directors) and the respective college Dean, when applicable, completing similar documentation and based off of current System and CDC guidance.
  • Out-of-State domestic travel requests must receive written approval from each Vice President or their designee. This approval can be documented through email along with completing the necessary travel process within Concur.
  • Additionally, student travel must be registered following the process as outlined on the Student Travel website.
  • If international travel is considered mission critical, it must be approved by Tarleton’s Executive Leadership and handled on a case-by-case basis. International travelers must follow all provisions and regulations outlined in Tarleton’s Foreign Travel Procedure and on the Study Abroad Webpage.

Travel Approval:

Forms should be submitted and approved 10 days prior to the trip date. Faculty will complete the Travel Request Form. For foreign travel, this additional foreign travel form must be used. Foreign travel requests must be submitted and approved at least 45 calendar days (excluding university holidays) prior to proposed travel dates

Travel Funding:

Completion of the travel approval form does not indicate administrative approval for funding support of the travel.  If department funding is needed to support travel, please work with the department head to obtain approval for use of departmental funds. COSM support of faculty travel is provided via the Faculty Travel Funding Application with its three application deadlines.  Please consult the current application for deadlines and details. This program provides up to $750 for one trip per fiscal year.