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Lamar Johanson science building

Welcome to Tarleton's Planetarium

About the Planetarium

Located under the iconic copper dome of the Lamar Johanson Science Building on the Stephenville campus, the 86-seat, College of Science & Technology planetarium provides a spectacular full-dome immersive experience. The Digistar projection system, combined with 5.1 Dolby surround sound, brings the wonders of astronomy down to earth for our visitors. 

Additional technology allows the 86-seat facility to serve as a lecture hall for film studies, a performance venue for guest speakers and musicians, as well as a cool, comfortable theater for current students to watch classic and contemporary motion pictures.

The planetarium hosts special digital presentations for the public throughout the year, including children’s matinees and special holiday presentations for the entire family.

Supporting our community’s school-aged children through science outreach and enrichment is a key part of the planetariums mission within the College of Science & Technology. We encourage public, private and home-school teachers to contact the planetarium office to check on opportunities to visit and learn in this wonderful facility.

 Join us soon at the Tarleton Planetarium.


The Planetarium does also provides private and specials showings for organizations within Tarleton or groups outside of the university. Contact us for any inquiries so we can set up a date.

Planetarium Shows


Contact Us

Tarleton Science Planetarium is always looking for students whose interests and skills complement our mission. If you are a TSU student interested in astronomy, writing, public speaking, or science education and would like to help get kids excited about science, contact Jason Jacks.

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