What We Do

Our team of 11 Technology Support Specialists is charged with supporting the instructional technology needs of the University and each college’s faculty and students. Each college-level tech has a keen awareness and the skillsets to support instructional technology at the classroom and computer lab level including instructional hardware, SMART technology, A/V systems for interactive learning, and software applications vital to faculty teaching and student learning.

The team supports and maintains:

  • Enterprise solutions for A/V room control, desktop management, student printing, and mobile device management
  • 1,700+ workstations (PCs and MACs)
  • 200+ technology-enhanced classrooms and instructional computer labs in Stephenville & Fort Worth
  • 60+ computer labs (including 3 open access labs)
  • 4,000+ instructional technology devices
  • 4 High Tech Active Learning Classrooms
  • Tricaster Broadcast Studio
  • 9 Collaboration Stations (6 in private rooms)
  • 200+ iPads
  • 2 COWs (computers on wheels)
  • 3 Video Podcasts Rooms
  • 60+ Conference Rooms with PTZ cameras and ceiling installed microphones for web conferencing
  • Instructional software that, in most cases, can be accessed across campus
  • Nursing simulation equipment, including 7 simulators, 20 skills beds, scenario applications, and debriefing applications in Nursing Building

We strive to keep your instructional equipment up-to-date and current while repurposing any equipment we can to get the best returns on our investments in instructional technologies.