tarleton physics

Physics is all about the “WHY.” Physicists want to know why there is gravity. Why can’t we turn off gravity like we do electricity so that we could launch rockets with less fuel and build larger buildings? Why can’t we go back in time? Why is there more matter than anti-matter in the Universe? Why are some cancers resistant to radiation and others are not? What is Dark Matter? Why is it so pervasive throughout the universe? Why doesn’t Dark Matter interact with light?

By trying to answer “Why,” Physicists have discover knowledge that has changed other science and engineering fields. It has enabled Physicists to build the first integrated circuit, first transistor, first laser, first MRI, first x-ray machine, first SEM, and many other devices. Through their studies, Physics majors develop several other skills that are useful for employment in non-physics fields including programming, numerical literacy, creativity, and problem solving. If you are curious and love puzzles, physics might be the perfect major for you.

Featured Alumni Jose Pacheco discusses his research with PC World Magazine.