Change the World with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science

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The Master of Science degree in Environmental Science offers built-in flexibility to best suit the needs of our students and their desired career paths. With both thesis and non-thesis options available, this degree works for students in any stage of their careers.

With affiliations with the Texas Institute for Applied Environmental Research (TIAER), Texas A&M AgriLife, the Center for Agribusiness Excellence (CAE), and others, the interdisciplinary Environmental Science master’s program is focused on addressing issues both locally and globally. With affiliated faculty spanning from engineering to policy, natural resources, biology, and paleoecology, this diverse program with concentrations in natural science and policy is customizable and flexible to meet the needs of professionals and students alike. Hands-on experience in both the field and laboratory is emphasized in this program. Our students are driven to seek answers to the problems of today’s ever-diversifying society.

A highly sought after program, the M.S. in Environmental Science offers many career options:

  • Environmental consultant
  • Environmental education officer
  • Environmental engineer
  • Environmental manager
  • Marine biologist
  • Nature conservation officer
  • Sustainability consultant
  • Waste management officer
  • Water quality scientist
  • Landscape architect
  • Town planner
  • Environmental health practitioner
  • Toxicologist

Guaranteed Enrollment Acceptance for Tarleton Graduates

In order to allow our students even more flexibility, and to keep with Tarleton’s dedication to our students, the Masters in Environmental Science program has adopted the stance of guaranteed enrollment acceptance for Tarleton Graduates. These students would need to meet the standards set by the College of Graduate Studies, waiving the current GRE requirement and higher GPA for applicants coming from within Tarleton. After acceptance, students would then be counseled by program faculty into their respective concentrations.

The purpose of this guaranteed program is to offer students a safety net in the current turbulent job and academic markets, and in concert with the online availability of the Environmental Science master’s program, allow for students to continue their studies in safety. Additionally, this program furthers our relationships with surrounding junior colleges with our current and future transfer agreements.

All recent alumni and current seniors of Environmental Science and related majors are encouraged to apply. More information can be found