Academics and Student Success

Academic success is the leading priority of the Corps, because, first and foremost, a Cadet’s purpose at Tarleton State University is to attain a degree. The Corps of Cadets scholastic policy utilizes an intentional, standards-based approach to establish the environment, provides professional academic advising, and a mentorship program.

Academic Resources

The Corps promotes and enhances the scholastic performance of all Corps members by providing one of the most successful academic support program on campus. The program includes an academic coach, who is dedicated to student-Cadet support.

There are a number of resources that Cadets can use each semester to help them succeed academically. The Academic Resource Center helps students find the right support when it comes to studying groups and tutoring for courses.

Minor in Leadership Studies and Reserve Officer Training Corps

The Corps of Cadets is designed to teach and develop certain personal characteristics, including teamwork, problem solving, and communication. This is accomplished through practical application in a series of varied and progressively responsible job assignments and commitment to leadership and character development.

A minor in Leadership Studies is awarded through the academic coursework and satisfactory completion of leadership progression within the Corps. The 18-hour curriculum is only open to members of the Corps. Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) courses are intended for students who are members of the Corps of Cadets. Unless contracted with the Army or Air Force, cadets who participate in the Corps and ROTC are under no obligation to serve in the Armed Services. All freshman and sophomore, non-contracted cadets must enroll in Army or Air Force ROTC courses to maintain membership in the Corps. Juniors and Seniors enroll in leadership courses based on their status as a contracted or non-contracted cadet.

Minor in Leadership Studies

The minor in Leadership Studies is intended to develop well educated leaders of character who are prepared to provide values-based leadership and service for the public and private sectors. The 18 hour curriculum prepares students to be effective industry, community, organization and military leaders. Students explore leadership roles in their future contexts, develop an awareness of personal leadership styles, and apply leadership characteristics and models to future professional experiences.

This minor complements the applied learning experience aspect of cadet life within the Tarleton Corps of Cadets program. The courses combine participation and operation in the Corps to teach the students discipline, perseverance, respect for authority, and the ability to lead. The minor in Leadership Studies builds on those practical experiences with an academic focus on the subject.

Requirements for Minor:

  • 18 hours of university-recognized leadership coursework in one of the three tracks:
    • Civilian Track: Successful completion of the Leadership Studies curricula combined with successful completion of leadership progression in the Corps of Cadets.
    • Military Track: Successful completion of the Military Science curricula combined with successful completion of the leadership progression in the Corps of Cadets.
    • Combination Track: Cadets may use up to 10 credit hours from the Military Science curricula toward completion of the 18-credit requirements above combined with successful completion of the leadership progression in the Corps of Cadets.
  • Satisfactory completion of Leadership Progression within the Tarleton Corps of Cadets. Leadership Progression is defined as a minimum of four semesters’ participation in the Tarleton Corps of Cadets, including: completion of at least two Corps leadership positions and having passed, at least once during a cadet career, an ROTC or Corps Physical Fitness test.