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The Tarleton State University Texan Corps of Cadets Alumni Association serves as a vibrant community connecting former cadets who have passed through the distinguished Texan Corps program. As an integral part of Tarleton State University’s rich military heritage, the association fosters camaraderie, professional development, and lifelong connections among its members. Through a commitment to honor, leadership, and service, the Alumni Association strives to support the ongoing success of its graduates, maintaining a strong network that extends far beyond the campus. With a shared dedication to the values instilled by the Texan Corps, alumni actively contribute to the association’s mission of preserving traditions, mentoring future leaders, and upholding the proud legacy of Tarleton State University.

Texan Corps of Cadets Alumni Association


At the heart of Tarleton’ State University’s Military and Leadership Academy beats the spirit of our Texan Corps of Cadets Alumni Association – committed to the Texan Corps of Cadets program. We’re not just alumni; we’re champions of academic and professional growth, catalysts for scholarships, and ambassadors for attracting and retaining future Cadets.

Since 2021, the Texan Corps of Cadets Alumni Association has raised nearly $60,000 for Texan Cadet scholarship. Thank you to the active members for your generosity and ongoing support!

The Corps of Cadets encourages all former cadets to join the Texan Corps of Cadets Alumni Association! A strong alumni association is a valuable asset to any academic institution. Tarleton State boasts nearly 1,000 former Cadets located around the globe. The Texan Corps of Cadets Alumni Association encourages all former Cadets and friends of the University to join in this tradition of promoting academic excellence at Tarleton State University.

100% of Texan Corps of Cadets Alumni Membership dues go to scholarships – so members truly make a difference!