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FAFSA Application

Apply for financial aid with the FAFSA application. To learn more about how to apply, visit our website.

Tarleton Net Price Calculator

You can use the Tarleton Net Price Calculator to estimate your cost of course and living expenses.

GI Bill Comparison Tool

You can use the GI Bill Comparison Tool to show how your college costs will be covered by the VA.

Types of Aid

Learn more about other types of federal financial aid to assist you throughout your college career.

Tarleton Graduation Rates

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) offers in-depth statistics about Tarleton graduation rates within different categories.

Transfer and Military Credit

Find out more about the acceptance of transfer and military credits.

Annual Borrowing Limits

Find out more about Annual Borrowing Limits, the maximum loan amount you can borrow in a single academic year. 

Cumulative Borrowing Limits

Find out more about Cumulative Borrowing Limits, the maximum amount allowed to borrow through each loan program.

State and Federal Benefits

Find more information on State and Federal benefits available to veterans.

College Navigator

College Navigator is a tool through Center for Education Statistics (NCES) for researching and comparing statistics from different universities.

Tarleton Academic Catalog

Discover our academic programs and requirements in our University Catalog.

Scholarship Opportunities

You can explore Federal Student Aid and Tarleton Scholarships to find more information on scholarship opportunities.