Frequently Asked Questions

Parking and transportation auxiliaries at a Texas public university cannot be funded by the state. Night safety escort service and access to campus parking are some of the services offered. The department continually works to identify new services to improve parking and transportation services. All costs must be paid for through fees charged to users. If not, then enforcement methods are used to ensure that the faculty, staff or student permit holder is not subsidizing this use.

Parking enforcement is a service that is necessary for the University. Tarleton police officers, a full time enforcement staff member and some part time enforcement team members patrol the campus. The campus is growing and they can’t be everywhere at once. They work to canvas campus efficiently to ensure that violators don’t occupy spaces that should be available for permitted vehicles.

As of the beginning of Fall 2020 there are 6420 parking spaces distributed over 48 parking lots.

Disabled spaces are calculated using ADA rules. ADA rules say that each lot is required to follow the chart, however, we have several lots that are remote from any buildings and we are working to adjust by over-allocating disabled spaces in some lots closer to buildings. We have over 209 disabled spaces on campus.

9 feet.

Citations must be paid online through the Parking Portal or Tarleton Marketplace.
If you have a hold on your account it will be removed within 24-48 hours. 

Access the interactive map and select the parking option to view the most current parking lots and zones.

Parking and transportation regulations are monitored at all times to discourage violations and permits should be taken care of before arriving on campus. Violations make it difficult for correctly permitted vehicles to park and move about campus. Tarleton uses a mix of citations, towing and courtesy communication such as warnings, phone calls and marketing to maintain lot usage. Any provided courtesy communication is not required and is offered at the discretion of the University Police and Transportation Services department to educate faculty, staff and students about regulations.

If you have already been issued a current valid virtual permit, log in to your parking portal account to register your new vehicle. 

You can add or delete vehicles from your virtual permit as needed through the Parking Portal. Please note that students are only allowed to have one vehicle on campus.

Tarleton, currently, provides a printed citation as a courtesy and they are occasionally lost or ruined by weather. Regardless of whether you received a copy of the citation, you are responsible for registering your vehicle and parking according to Tarleton’s Parking and Transportation Regulations. You may check with Parking and Transportation Services to get more information about your citation.

Parking and Transportation regulations are in effect at all times and all vehicles need a permit to park on campus at Tarleton. Between the hours of 5:00 pm and 6:00 am, Blue Zone lots open for use unless they are reserved for university events. Reserved, Handicapped and Visitor spaces are always reserved for vehicles permitted for those spaces. Vehicles with Commuter permits are not permitted to park on campus between the hours of 12:00am and 5:00am. Overnight permits may be issued for special circumstances.

Reserved spaces are assigned to staff and faculty. Visitor spaces are for visitors to Tarleton. Students will be issued parking citations if parking in these spaces.

Visitors should park in ‘Visitor’ spaces only unless provided a permit indicating a specific lot for a campus event or activity. Please stop by the Police and Parking office located at 895 N. Harbin to receive a Visitor permit.  Visitors will be issued parking citations if not in compliance with regulations.