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Tarleton State University Parking Services aims to provide excellent parking and transportation management as a service to assist students, visitors, faculty, and staff members. Parking and transportation services protects and manages capacity and mobility for the students, faculty and staff who are adhering to university rules and regulations. Proper management also protects capacity to effectively host events and activities for visitors to campus. We provide specific permits for each type of student (Residential or Commuter), faculty/staff, and visitors to negate the issuing of tickets and communicate where to park while on campus. Please check out the rules and regulations before parking on campus. 

Effective August 1, 2019, permitting and citation payments will be managed by Business Services. For your convenience, permit orders and citation payments can be made online.

Parking Changes for Fall 2022

  • Physical permit decals will no longer be mailed to you. Parking permits will now be virtual. 
  • When you update and register your vehicle information on the Parking Portal or Marketplace, your license plate number will be linked to your virtual permit.
  • Employees may have up to 3 vehicles linked to their virtual permit at no additional cost. (Only one vehicle is allowed on campus at a time.)
  • Students may only have 1 vehicle attached to their virtual permit but can add and delete vehicles as needed.
  • Parking lot numbers have changed. It is important that you review the new parking map to ensure that you are selecting the appropriate parking lot in proximity to your building. 

How Do Virtual Permits Work?

Parking Services will now utilize LPR (license plate recognition) technology to efficiently confirm the virtual permit for registered license plates of students, faculty, and staff. This allows for the elimination of decal permits by mail and provides convenience when needing to make updates to your permit and vehicle information.


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Faculty & Staff

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Visitor & Special Events

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We welcome all visitors to our campus! Learn about visitor parking and permits for campus visits and special events.

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