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General Information

The internship program of BBA in Marketing provides a relevant, in-depth, on-the-job learning opportunity for undergraduate Marketing majors. The credit is not just for working; it is for quality learning beyond the classroom. Specifically, the Marketing majors participating in the internship program have the privilege of applying their scholarly knowledge in a real-world setting, building their resume, and developing important business contacts. 

Generally, students are strongly discouraged from using their current employments as internships, unless both the students and the employers evidence that the internships are substantially higher, in terms of quality as well as quantity, than their current job responsibilities/requirements. Also, the internship must be within an organization where there is at least one full-time-employed professional dedicating to marketing function for the organization, and the organization must assign at least one internal marketing professional to mentor and supervise the student’s work. 

Furthermore, students are required to spend a minimum of 150 hours on the job to receive 3-credit hours. For a long-semester (Fall and Spring), internships are expected to run the entire semester. In Summer session, the minimum length of an internship is no less than ten weeks. Finally, the internship does not have to be a full-time position, nor does it have to be a paid position.


  1. A undergraduate Marketing major fully admitted into the program
  2. In good academic standing and with a minimum GPA of 2.50
  3. At least junior standing and has completed MKTG 3314 Marketing
  4. MUST obtain approval for the internship before it begins and must have a degree plan on file
  5. International students are eligible for internships subject to US Immigration rules, Tarleton International Program policies, and the cooperation of the prospective employer. Internship which carries academic credit allows special exceptions to some rules. Contact the International Program Director’s office for details.

Employer Obligations

  1. The employer should make a good faith effort to provide the student with relevant work experience in sufficient quantity to satisfy the time and quality requirements.
  2. The employer must provide the student with professional Marketing supervision and mentoring.
  3. The employer must timely complete and submit Internship Program Employer Verification.
  4. As part of the completion process, the job supervisor must timely complete and return the student’s performance evaluation at the end of the internship semester before the student’s grade can be issued.


Students applying for internship for credit must:

  1. Complete an internship application with Internship Program Employer Verification,
  2. Secure a faculty sponsor/advisor with the application,
  3. Submit the application to the Department of Marketing and CIS for approval,
  4. Register for the course, and
  5. Furnish the employer with Employer Evaluation of Student Internship Performance.