M.M. in Music Education


The Master of Music in Music Education degree consists of 36 credit hours. Our program is facilitated entirely online, making it flexible for students who need to work around a busy schedule. Courses are only 8 weeks long, offered consecutively, and there are 6 start dates per year. Students who take all courses as offered will be able to finish in 2 years, taking only one online course at a time. For additional information on this program, view the Graduate Music Handbook or visit Dr. Vicky Johnson’s degree information page.

Discover Your Options

Our program includes both elementary and secondary music education components. There are 3 degree track choices for this program, including:

  • 12 regular courses (36 hours)
  • 10 regular courses (30 hours) and complete a thesis (6 hours)
  • 10 regular courses (30 hours) and complete a curriculum project (6 hours)

Designed With You in Mind

This degree program is designed for hardworking individuals seeking to further their education in the ever-changing area of music education. Reasons our alumni have shared for getting this advanced degree include:

  • Salary increase
  • Career advancement
  • Ability to teach dual credit courses
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Opportunity to become better music teachers
  • As a step toward a doctorate in music


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Estimated Completion

36 Credit Hours (2 years)

Application Process

Students who are unable to meet regular admission standards may be considered for conditional status, which must be removed by the time the student has completed nine (9) credit hours. The GRE is not require for admission to this program.


Locations Available


  • Performing Arts


Plan Your Future

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Program Objectives

  • Provide students with a rewarding and flexible online degree program paired with faculty and staff members that represent diversity in both experience and expertise.
  • Prepare students for doctoral study and/or a career in Music Education.
  • Challenge students to increase their knowledge of musical theory, history, and aesthetics, as well as give them opportunities to develop a high level of cognitive and creative musical skills.
  • Equip students with analytical, conceptual, technical, and pedagogical skills that will ensure success in their career.
  • Facilitate students’ growth and development as leaders in Music Education and as contributors to the profession as a whole.

Coursework Highlights

ClassNumberClass Name
MUSI5330Analytical Techniques
MUSI5343Advanced Elementary Music Pedagogy
MUSI5344Advanced Secondary Music Pedagogy
MUSI5346Marching Band Methods
MUSI5357Seminar in Music of the United States
MUSI5361Acoustics of Music
MUSI5390Selected Topics in Music Education

Refer to the Online Catalog for more information on our courses and course rotations.

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