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M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction


Our mission is to provide you with a relevant, research-based curriculum that develops your capacity for leadership through mastery of knowledge effective communication, collaboration, inquiry, and decision-making that ensures a learner's success. Specifically, our goals focus on:

  • The knowledge of research-based curriculum and the best practices for instruction, which will help you identify, evaluate, and investigate the best practice in the Curriculum and Instruction field.
  • The application of Curriculum and Instruction practices that enable you to apply the best practices of that knowledge to both classroom and instructional leadership.
  • The communication of best practices in Curriculum and Instruction to professional audiences, which will enable you to effectively communicate the best practices to educational professionals in the field.

Our M.Ed. program is designed for knowledgeable faculty who engage and present you with content in a way that is relevant and meaningful. 

Our degree program offers classes in online, face-to-face, and hybrid class formats. All concentration areas, with the exception of Educational Diagnostician and TMATE, are online-only programs. Completion of the M.Ed. with the TMATE program may require online courses only. International students should speak with an advisor about the availability of face-to-face courses before applying to the program.

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The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction degree consists of a 30-33 hour program with eleven concentration areas to choose from, which include:

The following concentration areas have separate requirements that must be met before being admitted:


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Plan Your Future

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Career Opportunities

Obtaining an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction leads to many different career options, including:

  • Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator
  • Professor
  • Principal
  • Specialized Teacher
Students teaching in a classroom getting a real experience

Real Experience

Our faculty and staff provide students with hands-on experience through both traditional and non-traditional classroom avenues by utilizing unique teaching methods. This will give each individual their own noteworthy learning experience. 

Career Service

Career Services

Career Services offers students a wide variety of professional development opportunities that can translate into careers. A few of these programs include:

  • Career counseling and My Plan
  • Handshake
  • Mock interviews
  • Resume assistance

And much more!

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Program Objectives

Students in the M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction program will:

  • Engage with knowledgeable and respected faculty who present content in a way that is relevant and meaningful
  • Gain knowledge of research-based curriculum and instruction, as well as learn how to identify, evaluate, and investigate best practices in the field
  • Learn to apply best practice of curriculum and instruction knowledge to classroom and instructional leadership
  • Effectively communicate best practices in the Curriculum and Instruction field with educational professionals
  • Form long-lasting relationships with peers to expand opportunities within the field while broadening skill sets

Coursework Highlights

Class Number Class Name
EDUC 5302 Cultural Diversity in Schools and Communities
EDUC 5304 Human Development
EDUC 5307 Adult Learners
EDUC 5311 Methods of Effective Teaching
EDUC 5338 Curriculum Design and Implementation
EDUC 5340 Teaching English as a Second Language
EDUC 5362 Creativity in the Classroom

For more information on courses, please refer to the university catalog.

Comprehensive Exam

All students pursuing an M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction degree must successfully complete a comprehensive exam. Comprehensive exams should be taken during the semester in which the student is graduating. Exams will be written unless clarification is necessary; in which case an oral exam will be scheduled. View more information about the comprehensive exam.

Facilities and Features

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Educator Preparation Service

Educator Preparation Service is designed to assist both undergraduate and graduate students. Our testing and certification service provide resources to graduate students seeking initial teacher certification via the TMATE alternative certification program. Students seeking a professional certificate through one of our graduate level certification programs can also benefit from these service.

Effective Schools Project

Effective Schools Project

Initiated in 1988, Tarleton State University's Effective Schools Project (ESP) has evolved into one of the nation's largest and longest-running school-improvement ventures. ESP is a school improvement network linking Tarleton faculty with other campus leadership teams from over 50 Texas schools in an ongoing effort to enhance the effectiveness of education. Since its inception, ESP has partnered with 216 different public schools, campuses, and Education Service Centers to provide comprehensive professional development opportunities for educators.

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Tarleton Model for Accelerated Teacher Education (TMATE)

Highly motivated individuals who've earned their bachelor's degree can join TMATE to become certified school teachers. Through TMATE, students can earn their teaching certification while working toward their master's degree. Learn how to join this well-known alternative teacher certification program.