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Our Bachelor of Arts in History program is designed to hone your critical thinking, analytical, and writing skills. The study of history is not about memorizing names or dates, it is about understanding the history behind who you are through your ancestry, country origin, etc. Moreover, our program will teach you to think critically about the world around you and recognize the underlying motivations of politicians, religious leaders, and social media activists. Studying history is an empowering experience that will teach you the skills necessary to succeed in any career you choose.

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Our history program is flexible, allowing you to specialize in a variety of historical eras and fields. Every history major is require to take core university courses in the liberal arts, as well as Historical Methods, which teaches the craft of historical scholarship. In addition, we offer a wide array of upper level courses that cover exciting topics.

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Our faculty and staff members are dedicated to your success. They are nationally recognized experts in their fields who bring their award-winning scholarship into the classroom. Not only will they be your teachers, they will serve as advisors and mentors every step of the way. The History program also offers several social and academic clubs where students are able to interact with their professors outside the classroom. 


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Program Objectives

  • Expand your knowledge of History and your understanding of its importance in the contemporary world
  • Prepare you for real-world situations and careers
  • Develop critical thinking skills about the world around you
  • Develop your research and writing skills
  • Provide an engaging, interactive, and quality course of study

Coursework Highlights

ClassNumberClass Name
HIST3310Colonial North America
HIST3312A Nation Divided, 1815-1860
HIST3315Rise of Industrial America
HIST3320The Renaissance and Reformation
HIST4301United States and the World
HIST4320Europe 1850-1919
HIST4331World Since 1919

For the full listing of our courses, please refer to our online catalog.

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