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B.S. in Sociology


The Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology is a 120 credit hour program that gives students the ability to properly study the social relations of people. Through research, students will be able to accurately explain the social behavior of humans and predict behavior in certain situations. This well-rounded liberal arts degree program qualifies graduates for jobs within the field and government, and will enable them to gain experience in the basics of research and demonstrate effective verbal and written communication skills.


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Career Opportunities

A B.S. in Sociology can lead you to careers such as:

  • Case Management
  • Environmental Organizer
  • Project Manager
  • Mental Health Consultant
  • Rural Health Outreach Coordinator
  • Preventions Counselor
  • Community Program Specialist
  • Occupational Career Counselor
Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

Internships provide students with real-world experience and the ability to acquire valuable skills. Students can complete internships on-campus with any department or program. They can also complete an internship off-campus in their field of interest. Students are encouraged to work with their academic advisor to find the correct internship opportunity.

Career Service

Career Services

Career Services offers students a wide variety of professional development opportunities that can translate into careers. A few of these programs include:

  • Business etiquette dinner
  • Handshake
  • Job fairs
  • Mock interviews
  • Resume assistance

And much more!

Program Objectives

Students in this degree program will:

  • Learn the basics of research, as well as effective verbal and written communication
  • Be prepared for entry and success in graduate and/or professional school
  • Expand their knowledge of sociology
  • Be prepared for real-world situations by utilizing hands-on activities in the classroom

Coursework Highlights

Class Number Class Name
SOCI 2303 Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCI 3330 Social Science Statistics
SOCI 4304 Sociology of Religion
SOCI 4312 Gender in Society
SOCI 4321 Death and Dying

For more information on courses, please refer to the university catalog.

Facilities and Features

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  • Sociology Club - Founded in 1995 as a resource for Sociology students, this organization serves to open discussion of important events, enhance classroom learning, and highlight topics impacting society as a whole. 
  • Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society - This organization seeks to acknowledge and promote excellence in scholarship, the study of sociology, research of social problems, and other social, intellectual activities that will lead to improving the overall human condition.
O.A. Grant building exterior.

Dr. O.A. Grant Scholarship

Endowed in honor of Tarleton's Professor Emeritus of Social Sciences, these $1,000 scholarships are offered to qualified history and political science majors. As many as ten academically outstanding students can receive this scholarship during an academic year.

Phi Alpha Theta

Phi Alpha Theta

Phi Alpha Theta is a historic honor society that was established at Tarleton in 1985. The Alpha Beta Chi Chapter is starting out this semester with great expectations and we are looking for new members who qualify for membership. To see if you qualify or for more information, contact Dr. Janet Schmelzer.