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Criminology Hosts Training
Tarleton's School of Criminology Hosts Training on Call Record Analysis
Police Officer
2017's Best and Worst States to be a Police Officer

Read the full article with commentary from Dr. G.M. Cox.

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Learn About the School of Criminology

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Fort Lauderdale Flaw
Fort Lauderdale Shooting Reveals Airport Security Flaw

Listen to Dr. Alex del Carmen on the balance between convenience and security.

Tarleton's Corps of Cadets
Resurgence of a Decades Long Tarleton Institution

On hiatus since the 1950's, Tarleton's Corps of Cadets is reborn.

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Leadership in law enforcement and the military is a key attribute that our students acquire.

Our exceptional programs in criminal justice, military science and leadership feature faculty who blend practical personal knowledge and experience with theory. We support our students in their development, give them training so they have the know-how for success, and prepare them for leadership roles in exciting careers.

In addition to educating traditional students, we focus on providing opportunities for those currently in criminal justice positions.

Our school is composed of two departments: Criminal Justice and Public Administration. We maintain four research institutes:

If you wish to lead, follow us.

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