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Texan Corps of Cadets: Leaders of Character

Corps Brass Rifles inscribed with the Latin phrase Principes Unici

The Corps of Cadets exemplifies the Texan values of integrity, civility, leadership and tradition and upholds the pursuit of excellence and service for Tarleton State University as "Leaders of Character."

Corps of Cadets Shield

The Texan Corps of Cadets are instilled with the values essential for service to our nation and are exceptionally qualified to succeed in business, government and the military. Members of the Corps can participate in any major area of study.

By joining the Corps, students:

  • Accept a challenging lifestyle, both mentally and physically.
  • Have access to scholarships and corporate internships.
  • Have an exclusive opportunity to obtain a minor in Leadership Studies.
  • Join a rich military history and a proud tradition of excellence dating back to Tarleton's original Corps that began in 1917.
  • Have the opportunity of great rewards upon graduation.

Why the Texan Corps of Cadets?

Wainwright group with rifles

Benefits of Joining

Students who join the Corps at Tarleton gain a strong preparation for a world that values commitment, perseverance, teamwork, and a dedication to the idea of being committed to something bigger than themselves. Benefits of joining the Corps include:

  • Preparation for a military career.
  • Unmatchable leadership training.
  • A unique and rewarding experience where young men and women receive hands-on training in honorably leading their subordinates.
  • Becoming part of a close-knit group, and together learn the value of teamwork, communication, initiative, and tradition.
  • Gaining self-confidence and a sense of self-reliance.
Cadets with flags at a football game

Goals of the Corps

The enduring goal of the Tarleton State University Corps of Cadets is to provide students an opportunity to become highly effective, successful leaders and to inspire a lifelong pursuit of service and excellence. In addition, the Corps at Tarleton:

  • Is open to all academic majors.
  • Requires no military obligation.
  • Has programs for Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps.
  • Provides 4 years of leadership and character development.
  • Is a premier leadership program on campus with less than 10,000 students.
  • Has been a Texan tradition since 1917.