Tarleton State University Pre-Veterinary Medicine Programs

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The Tarleton State University Pre-Veterinary Medicine Programs strive to prepare and place students into accredited Veterinary Medicine programs across the nation, including the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences’ DVM Professional Program. This program is one of the oldest and most prestigious programs of its kind. We place high priority on acceptance of students into the program, allowing for insightful and prepared students to enter the veterinary medicine profession.

TAMU College of Veterinary Medicine MOA

As a Texas A&M University System member, Tarleton State University has a formal partnership via a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM). Under this agreement, up to five additional students from Tarleton State University will be admitted each year to the TAMU CMV if they meet the academic requirements of the MOA program. Specific MOA requirements.

The number of students admitted to the DVM program from each of the four MOA universities is not limited to five each. Students from each of the MOA universities may apply and be admitted through the standard admissions progress outside of the MOA. Meeting the minimum criteria for admissions does not guarantee a student’s admission to the DVM Professional Program under an MOA

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Department of Animal Science

Department of Animal Science courses prepare students for the rigors of a veterinary medicine curriculum with quality classroom instruction, hands-on experience, and industry interaction. In addition to the coursework required for veterinary school, the curriculum includes courses in anatomy, genetics, nutrition, and reproduction. State of-the-art facilities located near the main campus allow students to gain relevant hands-on experience with livestock, equipment, and technology on a daily basis. The program boasts a unique atmosphere that connects students personally with faculty engaged in applicable research and teaching. This enhances students’ learning by providing real-world scenarios and hands-on experiences.

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Department of Biological Sciences

Department of Biological Sciences courses provide a strong knowledge base required for success in a rigorous and fast-paced veterinary medicine program or any biomedical-related career. Students acquire knowledge through coursework, hands-on laboratory activities, field-based experiences and biomedical research. The exceptional faculty in the Department of Biological Sciences are committed to providing pre-veterinary students with an educational experience that prepares them for future success at a school of veterinary medicine. Our faculty are experts in a variety of fields, conducting and incorporating students in innovative research. You will have the opportunity to work with professors in immunology, virology, parasites, animal physiology, genetics and more!

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Department of Wildlife and Natural Resources

Department of Wildlife and Natural Resources courses are uniquely suited to prepare students for careers in zoo animal and wildlife medicine, as well as wildlife conservation. In addition to the standard coursework required for veterinary school, the curriculum also includes courses in ecology, wildlife management, wildlife diseases, population dynamics, and wildlife habitat management. Students have the opportunity to work and study in brand-new, state-of-the-art laboratories as well as various field sites, alongside faculty who are experts in wildlife conservation, carnivore ecology, avian ecology, conservation biology, zoo biology, and more. Our close relationship with organizations like Fossil Rim Wildlife Center and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department allows students to extend their experience well beyond the classroom, providing the practical experience necessary for success in veterinary school.