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Department of Biological Sciences

About Us

The Department of Biological Sciences provides a broad range of courses and other learning opportunities designed to prepare students for a diverse array of careers. Class size in advanced courses is usually small and offers individual attention. In the laboratories, students gain hands-on experience with biological techniques and instrumentation used by biologists world-wide.

Faculty and students actively engage in a wide range of research areas including ecology, evolutionary biology, genetics, microbiology, physiology, and virology. All faculty involved in research serve as research mentors for motivated undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in participating in the process of scientific discovery.

Off campus opportunities have been increasing in the field related disciplines. These include: development of a Biological Field Station at Timberlake Ranch in Mills county, research on plants and animals and their associated ecosystems, and study abroad opportunities to study non-indigenous ecosystems.

TAMU College of Veterinary Medicine MOA

As a Texas A&M University System member, Tarleton State University has a formal partnership via a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM). Under this agreement, up to five additional students from Tarleton State University will be admitted each year to the TAMU CMV if they meet the academic requirements of the MOA program. Specific MOA requirements.

The number of students admitted to the DVM program from each of the four MOA universities is not limited to five each. Students from each of the MOA universities may apply and be admitted through the standard admissions progress outside of the MOA. Meeting the minimum criteria for admissions does not guarantee a student's admission to the DVM Professional Program under an MOA. 

For questions about this program, please contact: Dr. Kristin Herrmann, Pre-Vet Advisor for Biological Sciences