If you are having trouble choosing a major, the Office of Academic Advising should be your first stop in seeking help with that decision. Tarleton offers:

  • 2 Associate degree programs,
  • 85 Bachelor degree programs,
  • 36 Master degree programs, and
  • 1 Doctoral degree program.

Each degree program we offer has both faculty and academic advisors who can help you with any/all information needed in choosing which major/program is right for you.

Choosing Your Minor

Much like choosing your major, choosing a minor, or multiple minors can be a tough decision. Your academic and/or faculty advisor can help you pair a minor, in some cases 2 minors, with your major to tailor your academic experience to fit your career aspirations.

Changing Your Major

Did you know that about 75% of college students change their major at least once in their academic career? The Office of Academic Advising at Tarleton is the best resource for you if you decide that your chosen major just isn’t the right fit. Career Services also offers resources to help you determine a career path. https://www.tarleton.edu/careerservices/

Do Your Research

Before you decide on a major/minor or decide to change your major, make sure you research areas that you are interested in, and what they entail. Refer to resources such as the online university catalog, where you can look up degree plans and course descriptions, or our academic advising guides, which will give you some insight into advising before you make your appointment

The Office of Academic Advising can assist transfer and readmitted students in developing a class schedule and selecting a major/minor. Prospective students are encouraged to visit the Welcome Center: Office of School Relations website for more information.

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