Wireless Connectivity Across Campus

Tarleton offers wireless network access inside campus buildings and in many outside common spaces. Coverage is provide for the convenience of our students, faculty, and staff. Hotspots are areas designed to provide wireless coverage for a limited range of access. Tarleton wireless network access is intended for basic connectivity to the Internet (i.e. to check your email and browse the web).

Residence Hall Wireless

Internet service including some wireless hotspots, for students residing in Residential Living and Learning facilities, are provide by Apogee, Inc.

Who Can Use the Wireless Network at Tarleton?

Tarleton students, faculty, and staff with valid Tarleton network credentials (NTNET login ID and password) can access the wireless network on campus.

  • “Tarleton-WiFi”: This encrypted network allows Internet access, including university resources — email and T-drive. This preferred wireless network is used for conducting university business across campus
  • “Tarleton-Visitors”: This network is for visitors who are not Tarleton affiliated but require Internet access while on campus

Guests who do not have an NTNET account can request a temporary account for wireless access while on campus. If you are having trouble getting connected, please visit the Visitor Wireless instructions.

If you have problems logging in or using the Internet tutorials, please contact the Help Desk or visit us at the Tech Spot in the Library Learning Common.

What is Eduroam?

Eduroam (education roaming) is a secure wireless network service that allows students, staff, and faculty member wireless network (Wi-Fi) access while visiting other Eduroam participating institutions. This service is available without having to set up a guest account. Simply use your Tarleton network (NTNET) credentials anywhere you find the eduroam wireless network advertised.

How to use Eduroam

If you are a Tarleton State University student, staff or faculty member, you can use two methods to configure your wireless device to access the eduroam wireless network.

You can use the Eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) to automatically configure your device for you.

  1. Simply select this link, select “Click here to download your eduroam @installer” and enter Tarleton State University (in most cases you will be automatically presented with the configuration file for your device) click continue, then select save and install.

When prompted for username, ensure you enter your username as username @ tarleton.edu (i.e. j[email protected] or 000121212@ tarleton.ed ).

  1. Or you can configure your wireless device manually to use the eduroam wireless network. Configuration is similar to setting up the “Tarleton-WiFi” wireless network. Simply use eduroam instead of “Tarleton-WiFi” as the SSID. 

When prompted for username, ensure you enter your username as username @ tarleton.edu (i.e. j[email protected] or [email protected] ).

Note: If you require access to resources at your home institution, you can enable an additional connection to the Tarleton State University VPN in order to receive on-campus-equivalent network access.

Eduroam Participating Institutions

Having started in Europe, Eduroam has gained momentum throughout the research and education community and is now available in 76 territories worldwide.

Eduroam has a number of maps with member institutions worldwide. Click the links below to see maps and listing of Eduroam participating institutions.

 Eduroam

 Eduroam-US

Visitor Access to Eduroam

Visitors from other eduroam institutions should pre-configure their wireless device on their home network before connecting to the Tarleton State University’s eduroam network. If you have already done that, connect directly to the eduroam wireless network and use your home institution’s credentials to log in. Technical support for eduroam is provided by the home institution; visitors will need to call their home institution for technical assistance.

Getting help and support for Eduroam

Tarleton State University students, faculty and staff visiting other institutions participating in eduroam, should contact the Tarleton Help desk at 254-968-9885 ([email protected]) for technical assistance.