The Developmental Education Program at Tarleton serves students who are TSI liable in English language arts and reading or mathematics.

Once admitted to Tarleton, Student Development and Mentoring will work with students to enroll in appropriate coursework.

UNIV 0200 College Success 

Students with an adult basic education (ABE) level on the TSI Assessment will be enrolled in the UNIV 0200 course to increase student success in college.

UNIV 0204 University College Studies 

Students may be enrolled in the UNIV 0204 course to strengthen their academic skills. If enrolled in UNIV 0204, students will enroll in the appropriate corequisite course for their major during the next long semester. 

Corequisite Courses

All students will be enrolled in a corequisite course model. A corequisite model allows students to enroll in the entry-level, credit-bearing college course with co-enrollment in a support course. Support courses have been designed to support successful completion of the credit-bearing course. 

For English language arts and reading, there is one co-requisite model available. For mathematics, there are four corequisite models available. Your assigned advisor will help you identify the most appropriate corequisite course in mathematics is for your selected major.

English Language Arts and ReadingMathematics
ENGL 1301 + UNIV 1301MATH 1314 + UNIV 0314
MATH 1324 + UNIV 0314
MATH 1332 + UNIV 0332
MATH 1342 + UNIV 0342