Tarleton Mail Services

Tarleton Mail Services is a fully functional USPS station that processes all incoming and outgoing mail for the college in a timely, reliable, and confidential manner.

Fall Campus Alumni Island 8717


Window services include:

  • The sale of stamps and money orders
  • Mail box rentals
  • Mailing of packages- express, priority, global priority, certified, insured and registered

Supplies for University departments include forms for:

  • Bulk (standard) mail
  • Mailing trays
  • Mailing tubs, envelopes and labels for express and priority
  • Certified return receipts, and insured forms


All Tarleton students living on campus are furnished a post office box. For large packages that don’t fit in your mailbox, students receive an email to their go.tarleton account advising them a package is available for pickup at the Post Office.

When sending mail to a student, use the following format:

Student Name
1333 W. Washington St. T-####
Stephenville, TX 76402

When sending mail to a department, use the following format:

Tarleton State University
Department Name
Box T-####
Stephenville, TX 76402

Rules and Regulations

In order to ensure a good working relationship between the students, staff and ourselves, we feel it is important to inform you of several regulations and procedures that must be followed:

  • The post office window is open from 8:00 to 5:00 Monday-Friday. Outgoing mail is taken to the downtown post office at 3:30pm during the week.
  • The post office is a fully functional USPS station offering all USPS services except cashing of postal money orders and we also receive UPS, FedEx, and DHL.
  • Students may keep their post office box key over Christmas vacation if they are returning for the spring; however, if you are not enrolled over the summer or upon withdrawing from the university, all keys must be returned to the post office.
  • In the event that you withdraw or leave for the summer and do not return your key, or pay for your box, your records will be blocked and your mail will be returned to sender.
  • All students residing on campus housing are furnished a post office box as part of their housing fee. A student not living in housing may rent a box by paying $18.00 for each long (fall and spring) semester and $15.50 for the entire summer. If the box rent is not paid, your mail will be returned to sender.
  • Keys will be issued at orientation registration or may be obtained from the post office. However, if a student withdraws from the university, the key must be turned in immediately.
  • When returning your key, it is necessary to fill-out a USPS change of address form located at the post office. If this is not on file at the post office, all mail will be returned to sender
  • If a box key is lost, it will cost $35.00 to replace it.
  • No letter mail will be handed-out at the window without a key. If a person has paid for a lost key that has not arrived, proof of payment will be required in order to obtain your mail.
  • Mail can only be delivered to your mailbox. Do not give your dorm room as an address.
  • The only cases in which two or more people will be allowed to share a box is if they are married.
  • Only mail that is addressed to the box holder will be placed in that box.
  • Please check your mailbox before coming to the post office.

We believe that by following these procedures, we may provide you with efficient mailing services that will be beneficial to all involved.

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