Campus Operations enhances the campus community by providing exemplary services and elite facilities which are captivating, safe, and well-maintained for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Fall Campus Water Tower 8406 1

How can we help?

We assist with many services across campus, including:

  • Food services
  • Office/building/housing maintenance (keys, restrooms, heating and air, electrical, etc.)
  • Utilities and energy conservation
  • Environmental/cleaning services
  • Grounds services (landscaping, outdoor areas)
  • Risk management and safety (incident reports, insurance, Code Purple, etc.)
  • Postal service
  • Event scheduling, set-up, management
  • Texan ID card
  • Campus bookstore services
  • Planning Design and Construction
  • Space Utilization

Have questions or concerns we are here to assist just contact us at the link above. 

Auxiliary Services

Facilities Management

Planning Design and Construction

Risk Management & Safety

Space Management