Lost and Found

 Please promptly turn in all lost items to the Police Department. Items can be verified and picked up at the station.
 This list is updated every two weeks. If you have lost something and do not see it listed, please call the University Police Department at 254-968-9002.
wdt_ID Date Location Found Item Description
1 4/12/21 DropBox Grey Flash Drive
2 5/12/21 Legacy Wallet
3 5/12/21 Legacy Debit Card
4 3/10/21 Library Pink Case Airpods
5 3/15/21 Library Black Glasses
6 3/15/21 Library Nursing Textbook
7 3/23/21 Library Debit Card
8 4/25/21 Library Texan Card
9 5/4/21 Library Laptop Charger
10 5/4/21 Library Water Bottle
Date Location Found Item Description