Student Resources

Students are encouraged to join professional organizations including the American Physical Society and American Association of Physics Teachers. Tarleton has a chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS) of the American Institute of Physics (AIP) and a National Honor Society Chapter for Physics, Sigma Pi Sigma.

Physics Major Study Guides

  • Conquering the Physics GRE by Kahn & Anderson; ISBN: 1479274631
  • A Review of Undergraduate Physics by Baymann & Hamermesh; ISBN: 0471816841
  • Problems & Solutions on Mechanics by Lim; ISBN: 9810212984
  • Problems & Solutions on Electromagnetism by Lim; ISBN: 9810206267
  • Problems & Solutions on Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics by Lim; ISBN: 9810200560
  • Problems & Solutions on Quantum Mechanics by Lim; ISBN: 9810231334
  • Schaum’s Outline for Theoretical Mechanics by Spiegel; ISBN: 0070602328
  • Schaum’s Outline for Electromagnetism by Edminister; ISBN: 0070212341