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The Tarleton Flute Choir under the direction of Carolyn Keyes and the Tarleton Tuba and Euphonium Ensemble under the direction of Floyd Richmond have been selected for featured programs at the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) conference February 7-10 of 2024!

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Open Auditions January 29th!
Julius Caesar
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Department of
Performing Arts

With a distinguished faculty of artists, composers, conductors, playwrights, and performers, and a diverse body of over 300 talented undergraduate and graduate students, the Department of Performing Arts continues to educate the next generation of creative leaders in Texas. Whether you’re pursuing a career in Musical Theatre, Dance, Music, Music Education, or Theatre, the Department of Performing Arts provides an environment where you can participate and grow. Our outstanding faculty, coupled with small class sizes, ensures that you will receive individual attention and the skills needed to thrive in your career.

Why Study the Performing Arts at Tarleton?

We offer student-centered programs that start with quality teaching and include a hands-on, interactive learning environment. There’s no better combination to enhance one’s educational development.


Programs & Opportunities

Music at Tarleton!

For more than one hundred years, Tarleton State University has served as an important center of music education in North Central Texas. Today we continue to provide a first-rate education for future professional musicians and music educators. We also provide a variety of musical opportunities for all Tarleton students.

Tarleton Color Song

Sing! Play! Act!

Auditions are open to all Tarleton students—from majors seeking to improve their skills to other majors wanting to round out their college experience. Call 254-968-9669 for more details. We hope you decide to join us for our next production!

Theater Play

Season at The Clyde

Jan. 11 – Feb. 2Blu Dornan Exhibition8:00 am – 5:00 pmFAC Gallery
January 27Woodwind, Brass, Percussion DayAll DayFAC Auditorium
January 29Will Ford- Faculty Recital7:30 pmFAC Theater
January 31Student Recital 2:00 pmFAC Theater
February 5Violin & Piano Faculty Recital 7:30 pmFAC Theater
Feb. 7 – Mar. 1Letitia Huckaby Artist in Residence Exhibition 8:00 am – 5:00 pmFAC Gallery
February 14Student Recital 2:00FAC Theater
February 22School House Rock 7:30 pmFAC Theater
February 23School House Rock 7:30 pmFAC Theater
February 24School House Rock2:00 pmFAC Theater
February 24School House Rock7:30 pmFAC Theater
February 25School House Rock 2:00 pmFAC Theater
February 26Tarleton Symphonic Band & Tarleton University Band4:00 pmFAC Auditorium
February 27Wind Ensemble Concert 7:30 pmFAC Auditorium
February 28Student Recital 2:00 pmFAC Theater
March 2Big Band Dance6:00 pmCity Hall at City Limits
March 6Jazz Ensemble I Concert7:30 pmFAC Auditorium
March 7Jazz II & III Concert7:30 pmFAC Auditorium
March 20Student Recital 2:00 pmFAC Auditorium
March 20Edith Frank Senior Recital 6:00 pmFAC Auditorium
March 25At the Seams: A Saxophone Recital 4:00 pmFAC Theater
April 3Student Recital 2:00 pmFAC Auditorium
April 5Percussion Faculty Recital w/ Francis Favis7:30 pmFAC Auditorium
April 6Spring Masterworks Concert7:30 pmFAC Auditorium
April 11Julius Caesar7:30 pmFAC Theater
April 12Julius Caesar 7:30 pmFAC Theater
April 13Julius Caesar2:00 pmFAC Theater
April 13Julius Caesar7:30 pmFAC Theater
April 17Edward Hernandez Senior Recital 6:00pm FAC Theater
April 17Guest Artist Shelby VanNordstrand and J. Bradly Baker7:30 pmFAC Theater
April 19Voices of Renewal: Spring Choir Concert7:30 pmFAC Theater
April 23Something Old & Something New: Tarleton Symphonic Band2:00 pmFAC Theater
April 24Student Recital 2:00 pmFAC Theater
April 24Melissa Tergerson Senior Recital 4:00 pm FAC Theater
April 24Zachary Moore Senior Recital 8:00 pmFAC Theater
April 25Wind Ensemble Concert7:30 pmFAC Auditorium
April 2658th Annual Tarleton Jazz Festival w/ Tarleton Faculty Combo7:30 pmFAC Auditorium
April 2758th Annual Tarleton Jazz Festival w/ Doug Stone7:30 pmFAC Auditorium
April 29Latin Band Concert 2:00 pmFAC Auditorium
April 30Tarleton Jazz Ensembles II & III7:30 pmFAC Auditorium
*Please note Student Recitals are subject to cancellation.

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