Environmental Advisory Council

The purpose of the Council is to:

  1. To promote an understanding of natural resource conservation and environmental health through formal and informal education of students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community
  2. To encourage research to monitor and reduce the size of an individual’s and an organization’s environmental footprint and to maintain and restore natural systems
  3. To serve as an institutional model of environmental excellence through compliance with regulations and minimization of adverse impacts on local ecological systems
  4. To serve as a resource to other University committees

Environmental Advisory Council Members:

  • Stephen Colby (Risk Management & Safety)– Chair
  • Lynal Albert (Faculty Senate) (22)
  • Brooke Beverly (Student)
  • Barbara Bellows (TX Institute for Applied Environmental Research)
  • Stephanie Brady (TX Institute for Applied Environmental Research) (22)
  • Victoria Chraibi (Biological Sciences) (22)
  • Hennen Cummings (Wildlife, Sustainability & Ecosystem Sciences) (22)
  • Anne Egelston (Environmental Studies)
  • Hari Katuwal (Accounting, Finance, & Economics) (22)
  • Arthur Low (Chemistry, GS, & Physics)
  • Keely McMillian (Student Affiars)
  • Alisa Meriwether (21)
  • Mike Newton (SSC – Facilities Services)
  • Russell Pfau (Biological Sciences) (22)