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Develop your mind, increase your knowledge and benefit society through leadership, service and inquiry in The Honors College at Tarleton. Providing an elevated general education, The Honors College prepares undergraduate students for any profession, as well as engaged citizenship and a life-long love of learning through its two honors programs.

We welcome all majors into The Honors College. In recent years, the top five majors have been pre-nursing, animal science, biomedical science, kinesiology, and psychology.

Combining the advantages of a small liberal arts college with the diversity of a comprehensive state university, The Honors College at Tarleton offers rigorous coursework, with an emphasis on discussion, intellectual engagement, and student research, as well as a rich array of educational, cultural and social experiences outside the classroom. In general, The Honors College classes don’t require a greater quantity of work, but the work is more challenging. The result is a high-quality bachelor’s degree in your field of study plus Honors designation on your college transcripts.

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What is The Honors College?

At Tarleton, the Honors College houses three distinct Programs, including University Honors, Distinguished Honors, and the Presidential Honors Program. Program admission is highly competitive because of limited space in the Honors Hall and small class sizes for the honors courses. Undergraduate students in The Honors College can major in any discipline at Tarleton while becoming part of a greater honors community.

Our undergraduate students who participate in The Honors College have a higher retention and graduation rate than those with the same academic credentials who don’t.

The goal of the Honors College is to provide a community of like-minded students with a supportive and challenging academic environment that encourages intellectual growth, critical thinking, and lifelong learning. Graduating from an Honors College can give students a competitive advantage in applying for graduate school or professional programs, or in pursuing career opportunities that require exceptional academic achievement and intellectual curiosity.

How Do You Get Started on Your Honor’s College Experience?

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Why Participate in The Honors College?

Gain a variety of benefits as an honors student, from early registration and small class sizes to educational and cultural enrichment opportunities — all at the affordable cost of a state university.

Academic challenge and enrichment: The Honors College offer more challenging coursework and intellectual opportunities, allowing students to push themselves academically and explore their interests in greater depth.

Smaller class sizes and personalized attention: Honors classes are capped at 25 students, which can foster a more intimate learning environment and allow for greater more in-depth interaction with professors and classmates.

Professional and personal development: The Honors College regularly provides additional resources and opportunities for students to develop professionally and personally, such as research opportunities, internships, and guest speakers.

Networking and community: The Honors College has a tight-knit community of like-minded students who share a passion for learning and intellectual inquiry. This community can provide valuable networking opportunities and social support.

Prestige and recognition: Graduating from the Honors College is seen as a mark of academic excellence, which will be viewed favorably by employers or graduate schools.

What is Different About Honors Classes?

  • Limited to 25 students
  • Taught by distinguished senior faculty members
  • Offer intellectually challenging material
  • Offer innovative approaches to the subject
  • Offer increased opportunities for honing critical thinking and writing skills
  • Offer the opportunity to interact closely with similarly motivated students
  • Emphasize discussion and student participation
  • Use primary sources and monographs over textbooks
  • Use special lab equipment that would not be available to most undergraduate students
  • Emphasize student projects and research
  • Emphasize essay exams over multiple choice

Benefits of the Honors College

What Can You Do After Graduating From The Honors College?

Graduating from the Honors College can open up a range of opportunities for students. Ultimately, the path that an Honors College graduate takes will depend on their individual interests, skills, and goals. Graduating from an Honors College can provide a strong foundation for a variety of career paths, and may open up opportunities that would not have been available otherwise. Such as:

Graduate school: Many Honors College graduates choose to pursue advanced degrees in a variety of fields, such as law, medicine, business, or academia. Having completed rigorous coursework and potentially conducting research in their field, will position Honors College graduates to succeed in graduate school.

Career: Being an Honors College graduate will help make you more attractive to employers for a variety of careers, particularly those that require strong analytical and critical thinking skills.

Entrepreneurship: Honors College graduates may also be well-suited for entrepreneurship, given their strong analytical skills and ability to think creatively. They may choose to start their own businesses or join startups in a variety of fields.

Many graduates of The Honors College go on to study in medical school, veterinary school, law school, or graduate school, including master’s degree programs at Tarleton.

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