Department of Government, Legal Studies, and Philosophy

Law, politics, public service, community involvement, and civic engagement all describe the offerings within the Department of Government, Legal Studies, and Philosophy.  Our faculty seek to Expand civilized debate, logical reasoning, and ethical citizenship across campus, Engage students with the community, and Produce scholarly contributions in its various disciplines.


Seat Requests

If you are trying to get a seat in a GOVT, GSTU, LEGL, PHIL, or POLS class, but
1) You don’t have the pre-requisite,
2) The class is full,
3) There is a campus error, or
4) You receive another registration error,
Please click the hyperlink below to submit your request. Requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
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Choose Your Path 

The department coordinates three major programs (Political Science, Legal Studies, and General Studies), four minor programs (Legal Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, and Public Policy), a certificate in Environmental Policy, and additional offerings in both Government and Religious Studies.  Please click on the links for more information.

Legal Studies Pre Law 0421

Legal Studies

  • Paralegal Concentration
  • Pre-Law Concentration

Political Science

  • Self-Designed Concentration
  • Accelerated Concentration

General Studies

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