TAP Supports Tarleton Bass Club with $2,000

The Tarleton State University Bass Club received a $2,000 donation earlier this semester from the Tarleton Association of Professionals.

The money will offset gas, food and lodging expenses for members to enter fishing tournaments across the country. There are no entry fees.

“We have to pay for most everything,” said Bass Club President Collins Reyes, “but we do reimburse our top members, and that’s what the donation goes toward. It can allow a member to go to one extra tournament, which could help us in the race for School of the Year.”

The Tarleton Bass Club, boasting 54 members, is committed to uniting students by developing character, promoting sportsmanship, encouraging stewardship of natural resources, and strengthening institutional spirit.

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The Tarleton Association of Professionals was established in 2021 to rally university support among students and alumni and in the community. It aims to boost alumni, increase philanthropy and celebrate Texan traditions.

Besides the donation to the Bass Club, TAP recently gave $5,000 to the Tarleton Purple Pantry and $3,000 to the Career Clothing Fund within Career Services.